Halloween is around the corner and we’re happy to announce that we’ve got a great special on blood contact lenses !

No one can help but get in the Halloween spirit when they see these blood splattered contact lenses. From a zombie costume to a vampire look, these contact lenses will make any Halloween costume unforgettable. Scare your family and friends with a shocking costume that you’ll surely not a forget a minute after leaving the party!

Due to a recent medical breakthrough, vampires will never appear the same again. The Vampire Blood Splat Contact Lenses add a new, fascinating quality of life to their eyes while also making them appear extremely ghoulish and supernatural.

Contact Lenses Essential Info:

Comes As A Pair
Design Covers Iris
Full Visibility Remains
Once Opened, Product Lasts For One Day
Contains 55% Water
Contacts Immersed in Buffered Saline Solution


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