Toricolors Color Contacts for Astigmatism


There are many different brands of colored contact lenses on the market today – however, none of them hold a candle to the TORIColors brand. Instantly correct your astigmatism without having to deal with invasive surgical solutions or take out a second mortgage. TORIColors cannot be found anywhere else in the world aside from here. So why miss out? Enhance your vision with our amazing product and you will see things as you’ve never seen them before!

We realize there is a wide range of color options that our customers want for Colored Contacts, so we strive to bring innovative and fun new designs. TORIColors utilize advanced color printing technology which results in lenses that each offer a highly detailed and pigmented iris design. This means our lenses can provide a realistic illusion of different colored eyes!

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Toricolors contacts are available for purchase as single lenses, so that you can find the exact prescription you need for your eyes. Any customer buying contact lenses should always check their prescription with an optometrist, to ensure they know what changes they may have pre/post-surgery and also to see if there are any changes in the eye that need to be added to the lens prescription.

It is a common misconception that if you wear Toric shaped lenses then you have to have astigmatism. It is the opposite – Astigmatism refers to either rugby ball shaped or American football shaped eyes whereas Toric lenses correct those irregularities by using both lens’s cylinder and axis adjustments.

The Toric colors are available in four shades to meet the requests for the most popular natural eye tones. Shop ToriColors in the following shades:

Toricolors Golden Amber: This toric colored lens is perfect for those who want to lighten their brown eyes!

Toricolors Seabreeze Blue: This vibrant shade will give you realistic blue eyes with rich pigmentation. These Toricolors toric lenses are a fun way to switch up your look with a fresh new color.

Toricolors Emerald Green: This unique gemstone green is perfect for those days when you just want to be able to have a more comfortable, relaxing day. By using this emerald green color you can show off your eyes and any other part of your body that you choose to focus on, including the rest of you eyes and the many shades of emerald that are blended into these contacts.

Toricolors Horizon Grey: The gellid tones of this lens are sure to enhance your vision as well as your looks thanks to the toric technology.


One of the most reputable suppliers for colored lenses is Tori Colors, who specialize in high quality products and are dedicated to spending time on research, development and consumer satisfaction.

When you shop colored contacts online from Coloured Contacts, shipping is free of charge and both domestic and international orders are processed within 48 hours. The long wait times for other companies can be frustrating, especially when compared to non-prescription lens orders which are likely to arrive much faster. Want Lens takes some of the complexity out of the decision making process by offering shopping based on what best suits your particular needs so that you don’t have to waste time considering all of your options: If you need lenses right away then make sure you check out our ToriColor range for a variety of premium solutions.

Extreme H20: Unique material with hydration properties to ensure your eyes stay feeling moisturised and comfortable throughout the day. Visual Acuity? These glasses will make sure that you don’t miss a thing! We’ve done our best to make the lens size, shape and prism correction accurate. FDA Approved: The Food & Drug Administration of America has certified the lens production and materials as fit for purpose and effective for use. In fact, ToriColors is currently the only FDA Approved toric lens on the US market!

Toricolor contacts have been developed by addressing the needs of individuals who require prescription colored contacts in order to help improve their vision. Like other lenses from the High Definition series, this brand is perfectly suited for individuals who suffer from astigmatism and colour blindness , as the lenses are designed to be clear enough for daily use.

Toricolors contact lenses have brought you much more than just great comfort and vision correction. They are also helping people with cornea issues do things they couldn’t otherwise do because of their sensitive eyesight.

ToriColors are monthly disposable colored contacts for occasional use meaning that they can be worn as desired due to the comfortable qualities mentioned earlier and due to the soft hydrogel material used in the makeup of ToriColors. It’s also worth mentioning that this range is specifically designed for people with difficulty seeing sharply which may be a medical condition or simply down to age. The oxygen permeable (DK) rating of 21 classifies this as a Medium lens

ToriColors is supplied by Polydev who use advanced inks to give the best coverage and detailed designs for colored contact lenses. Using this expertise, Polydev complies with FDA regulations to ensure you have your best experience yet. If you have any questions that aren’t answered on this page, feel free to e-mail us at [email protected]

Colored Contacts offers a wide range of affordable toric contact lenses so you can look amazing on any occasion. See our delivery methods when you shop toric contacts online from Colored Contacts. We want to minimize any time spent waiting for lenses that are just right, which is why we always have a myriad of axis, cylinder and power variants ready. Simply choose the strength you need and Colored Contacts will soon deliver a fresh pair of toric contact lenses so you can enjoy clear vision without bulky glasses frames! New eye color? Check! You’re sure to lose yourself in dazzling new depths brought about by Torics, with little maintenance requirements either for wearing everyday or for special occasions.