Bring a new bit of depth to your outfit with these lavender lens contacts. These items add the perfect mix of style and enchantment to any outfit and are sure to stand out in a crowd at any event or party you might attend.

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Bold. Beautiful. Bewitching.

Great for Halloween, cosplay events and everyday wear, our selection of vampish violet lenses are guaranteed to make all eyes on you. Check out our top 4 picks:

Witch: Take a leaf out of the Halliwell sisters book, or rather The Book of Shadows, and dress in a pair of sneakers with autumnal toned makeup. Or if you’re going for Halloween, how about some ’90s inspired fashion choices? You can also pay homage to The Charmed Ones by simply teaming solid colour lenses with lashings of green face paint and a prosthetic nose!

A great accessory to try this Halloween is some UV contacts. What would they look good on? Well how about an authentic ’90s ensemble? If you’re interested in getting a rave-tastic outfit, we suggest getting some all-white clothing and adding furry leg warmers for that classic 90s touch. Pair your look with a showstopper hat or hair piece! If you’re looking for something more hardcore, try some bright body paint, plastic jewelry and the most over the top outfit you can find – because when it comes to raves it’s always better to be over the top than underwhelmed!

Many of us have heard of contact lenses. They are often associated with medical issues, but there is a growing trend on how people use them for fun. Contact lenses are worn for fashion purposes too. Wearing themed contact lenses is more common among those who participate in cosplay and LARPing (Live action role playing). Many artists known as Kigurumi artists wear these types of contacts to complete their animal themed cosplays .

Transform Your Look in an Instant!

Here at Want Lens, we know that when it comes to buying violet contacts, there are a few things that are simply non-negotiable. Contact lenses are our passion and here at Colored Contacts we guarantee:

At Want Lens, we believe that the price of natural looking colored contacts does not have to break the bank! We work cheap and only for our customers’ benefit. Our lenses are priced affordably, so you can enjoy shopping to your heart’s content without having to worry about price tags! Ever thought of getting some brown contacts at low cost? Look no further than the range of shades on offer here!

We’re always looking out for ways to improve our products and services. If you have any feedback or suggestions we’d love to hear from you.

We’ve got a wide and colourful selection made just for you. No matter what your style is, we’ve got natural look styles, animal eye contacts along with transparent, life-like flow effects to suit any taste so that you can look your best and most appealing no matter where you are! If your eyes are an exceptionally dark colour then perhaps some of our Violet contact lenses will suit your tastes! Whether you prefer a lighter shade or something bolder and brighter the choice is yours!

Want Lens is a subsidiary of the Want Lens Group, a leading provider of superior lenses to its local and international customers by using the latest that technology has to offer in contact lens manufacturing. With three decades of lens experience under its belt—and counting – we know a thing or two about lens enlightenment. Contact us if you seek to learn more or even better, come meet with our amazing team of contact lens specialists! We’re open Monday to Friday 9-6 SHARP! And don’t forget – we deliver right to your doorstep!

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Not only that, our violet lenses can be acquired without a prescription. This is applicable if your optometrist has deemed you fit to wear fashionable contact lenses! To experience the full cuteness of our lenses as soon as possible, simply choose your desired pair, order online and look forward to having them reach you in minimum time.