The DC comic book character, the Joker, has been represented on film by many talented actors such as Jack Nicholson (who played Batman’s nemesis in 1989), Heath Ledger (when he played the part of Joker in 2008) and Jared Leto (in 2014’s “Justice League”).

With Halloween approaching, we know that the Joker will be a popular character! Many fans will inevitably want to dress as him this year and below you’ll find the right colored contacts for your character or costume.

We’ve a list of amazingly designed Joker´s themed colored contacts here for you. Just to remind you that Joker is the main antagonist (sometimes an anti-hero) in the DC Comics universe; this theme was inspired by Batman: The Dark Knight, even though he appears in different comics too. So if you’re interested, please check out other eye colors we have on our pages featuring your favorite Joker’s characters such as Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman and Batman.

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