Our UV contact lenses are perfect for party people who love to shine! These unusual eye accessories can be hard to miss being so crazy and colorful, but that’s precisely what makes them perfect for those out at night to really stand out from the crowd at a rave or any fun event under a black light. Not only do our ultraviolet contact lenses look cool through your regular lens on a daily basis, but they have the added bonus of giving you an entirely new eye color when it hits that dance floor under the “blacklight” (our secret code word for UV lighting).

Are UV contact lenses glow in the dark?

UV contact lenses are not contacts that glow in the dark. This common misconception comes from the fact that UV contact lenses only glow under UV blacklight and although they will have a very slight glow during the day, they will not be visible to your naked eye. To fully experience the true potential of your UV-reactive costume makeup or cosmetic enhancements, you should purchase a UV blacklight which you can use with your cosmetic enhancements or with your Halloween costume makeup to create truly exceptional effects!

We also have other sections like vampire contact lenses, crazy contact lenses, and crow contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!

Our ultraviolet contact lenses are available in 1 day, 30-day, and 90 day wear durations as well as a range of beautiful, vibrant colors. These are just a few examples:

  • White UV contact lenses
  • Red UV contact lenses
  • Green UV contact lenses
  • Pink UV contact lenses

Get a real taste of what the whole cat eye look with these fun, vibrant Want Lens . They’re available in all sorts of colours to match or contrast with almost any cosplay character or costume

Our range of prescription UV glow contact lenses are suitable for use by patients who wear corrective glasses and would like to gain the visual advantage of clear vision alongside the glowing effect that comes from UV lighting.

It’s important to know that the color of glasses can be a bit tricky when using UV blacklight. For example, yellow lenses may appear to have a green tint while red lenses may look pink or orange! Depending on your natural eye color, the eyewear may have a different appearance and it might not be exactly what you are looking for if that is important to you. Overall though, as long as you are taking part in some awesome glow in the dark fun then we say it doesn’t matter how they look with normal lighting.

How do UV contact lenses work?

UV glow contact lenses work under UV backlight. These colored contacts are easily confused with glow in the dark effects but UV contacts do need to be under a UV blacklight (which is a light source emitting ultraviolet radiation) in order to give the glow effect. They are a popular style of cosmetic contact lenses because they make eyes appear to glow. Some makeup artists, who regularly wear and photograph these contacts, may wish investing in a UV blacklight so they can take pictures of their lenses glowing under the special lighting conditions that make them visible!

UV contact lenses are a great way to portray a spooky costume or to liven up a dull party atmosphere. UV contact lenses can make you seem like an alien or zombie and they are particularly effective when paired with dark costumes or accessories like black t-shirts and sunglasses.

Can contact lenses glow?

Thanks to special paint pigments that have been tested and are completely safe for use in colored contact lenses, we can produce ultraviolet contact lenses that give an eerie luminous glow when exposed under black light. The color of the lenses determines how bright the glow will be. For example, UV Violet contact lenses tend to not glow very brightly at all; but still they do fluoresce in brightness under black light exposure as opposed to white lens contact lenses which are brighter and shine much brighter than violet ones because of their tinted nature.

Are UV Glow contact lenses safe?

UV glow and natural contacts both hit the same quality of professional certification; however, we make it a point to have our costume contact lenses pass through even more stringent safety standards than the natural ones do.

For a safe experience using colored lenses, be sure to visit our Care Guides for tips on using and maintaining your colored contacts.

Are UV contact lenses worth it?

Costumes can be any number of things but the most fun ones often glow under a blacklight. If you’re looking for something to stand out for your next costume party then a pair of UV lenses paired with your costume may just do the trick – particularly if these contacts are more what you’re specifically looking to achieve this with!

Whether you opt for classic Halloween vampire fangs or choose the UV Glow Teeth, we know there’s a scary accessory that will help you enjoy this halloween more than words can say. Why not order both and impress your friends and family?! You could wear some solid white fangs that look just like your normal teeth in daylight and yet once it’s night time, your friends will think you’ve just come back straight from the dentist when they see the cool glow effect of the UV Glow Fangs!

Want to see how would our contact lenses UV look in action? Our affiliates have tested out these lenses with their incredible makeup looks under UV blacklight. These lenses look especially cool when paired with UV bodypaint or hair dye for a full glowing effect under UV blacklight.

If you don’t have access to blacklight then check out some of our other options that twinkle such as White Daisy, Green Alien Abduction and Celestial Galaxy. Otherwise if you have plans in a place with a blacklight like laser tag or a nightclub then this is the perfect piece for creating glowing illusions on your face to match your outfit and give you something unique to impress all of your friends!