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Feel like expanding your visual horizon and changing the color of your eye with something bold, durable and comfortable? Try out Xperio Contact Lenses. These vibrant, colorful lenses will allow you to switch your look in the blink of an eye.

Want Lens carry your Air Optix contact lenses in a variety of hues including sterling grey, gemstone green and true sapphire. These prescription and non-corrective colored contacts feature smartshield technology for improved breathability and enhanced moisture retention, whilst also offering the same freshlook options available.

You can also check out white prescription contact lenses,prescription cosplay contact lenses, and black prescription contact if you want to try something new


Whether you’re new to contact lenses or have always longed for a rare eye color, you can show off your exotic appeal with the highest grade of comfort available in Air Optix colored contacts.

Looking for a leading provider of colored contact lenses? Want Lens is the place to come home to when it comes to premium lenses that are approved, CE marked and offer long-lasting comfort. Between the month-long discounts on their site too, you’re set!

Whether you’re looking to add a little spice (pun intended) to your life or are in need of some serious help with visual acuity, Air Optix contact lenses are known for their leading specifications that include smart technology & improved breathability. SmartShield Technology – Because who wants to suffer from glaring lights right? This technology blocks out most glaring light sources leaving one with the ability to see clearer. With this technology wearing contact lenses has never been easier!

Air Optix contact lenses create the most natural-looking iris colors to enhance your natural eye color or conceal any color you don’t like at all via their broad selection of designer lenses. They’re designed with multi-layer technology to withstand long periods of time during wear and come in a wide variety of materials to suit anyone’s needs, whether you prefer Air Optix Aqua contacts, Air Optix Night & Day, or Air Optix for Astigmatism lenses.

At Want Lens you’ll find a complete selection of contact lenses including Air Optix Aqua, which have been rated five stars out of five on – with over 4,000 glowing reviews from satisfied customers. As a Want Lens customer, you might be interested in detailed safety advice and applying the best practice with properly storing and maintaining your monthly cares with air optix as well as keeping your eyes clean from dust or dirt that could affect the quality of your lenses during use.!

See our Air Optix Colored Contact Lenses styles below:

  • Air Optix Brilliant Blue Contact Lenses
  • Air Optix Sterling Silver Contact Lenses
  • Air Optix Gemstone Green Contact Lenses
  • Air Optix Amethyst Colored Contacts

Check out our wide selection of contact lenses to find the one that best meets your needs.


One of the biggest selling points for Air Optix monthly contact lenses is their 30-day durations and premium material composition. A lot of people can benefit from their bold eye color transformation while providing an affordable option.
Air Optix contact lenses are the perfect option for fashionable females who want to enhance their natural beauty. Air Optix colored contacts come with new technology that allows for lasting comfort, hydration, and an easy clean cycle so they always look good! Wear Air Optix monthlies as often as you like because they quickly become affordable when you buy new ones each month.
Our full range of easy-to-clean colored contact lenses in this variety of colors and designs will help you express your personality and create a stunning look that best represents you. These lens brands tend to be ideal for people who need to wear contacts on a daily basis, but still want to feel great. All of our color contacts with Smart Shield technology are compatible with most all types of eye solutions, so their availability will enhance your day-to-day experience dramatically!
Latent Plus monthly contact lenses include an exceptional 90 day lifespan, providing users with extra peace of mind. Latent Plus contact lenses are always safe – even when worn overnight! The natural color tint includes UV protection to safeguard your vision whenever you wear them. The latest generation of Air Optix contact lenses are so lightweight, you’ll barely even know they’re there.
As well as being able to provide some of the best prices on Air Optix contact lenses, customers will be able to experience soft and comfortable usage that is nearly on par with disposable daily contacts. Our Air Optix monthly lenses have the following features:

  • Air Optix SmartShield Technology – Reduces irritating deposits from eye proteins during wear.
  • Maintains Moisture – Locks in moisture so eyes stay fresh and hydrated.
  • Improved Breathability – The highly breathable Lotrafilcon composition allows for improved oxygen permeability to maintain continuous oxygen flow to the eye.
  • Freshlook Aesthetics – Experience comfortable wear with the distinguished vibrant Freshlook color shades


If you want a pair of everyday contacts which will make your vision clearer while giving your eyes a glamorous look, then try Air Optix Contact Lenses! We know that not all brands are created equally and we assure you these lenses won’t dilute your vision or cause discomfort to the eyes during wear.