Mini sclera contact lenses are colored contacts that cover some of your eye’s white space. They can change the appearance of your eyes in a dramatic way. Some people think it gives them big eyes, but in reality the diameter of these lenses is only 15mm-17mm which is very similar to colored contacts. That is why these lenses are often confused for full color sclera contact lenses when they are not! In contrast, full-sclera contact lenses are 22mm and regular contacts range from 13.8 to 14.2 mm

We also have other sections like black sclera contacts double pupil contacts, and triple Iris contacts that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!


A scleral contact lens is a lens that is larger than the iris of the eye. The sclera of the eye is the white of the eye therefore sclera contact lenses describe styles that cover part or all of the white of the eye.

Sclera or full eye contact lenses aren’t designed to be used on a daily basis and should only be worn out for a few hours at a time. This is to give your eyes a break because they can get damaged easily and therefor need time to “breathe.” Cleaning these lenses are also very important, especially because the sensitive surface of the sclera can be easily infected if not properly cleaned with the right lens solutions and cleanser. When purchasing colored contacts from an online retailer, always make sure it’s from a trustworthy supplier who sells quality brands that are approved to ensure your safety when handling them directly.

Our mini sclera contact lenses are made of a soft hypoallergenic material. They’re easy to wear and come with everything you need for a quick and worry-free fitting. The scleras are approved, so we can guarantee their health safety every day. You don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money on prescription colored contacts – instead buy cheap zentai suits and then enjoy your new look!

At Want Lens & Lenses, we supply 17mm sclera contact lenses and 15mm sclera contact lenses which means they will be thicker than the average pair of contacts and can dramatically reduce your appearance to glow in the dark!

Another benefit of 17mm and 15mm contacts is their exceptional visual effect. There are eyes close to this size in nature (black bird eyes), so the result is quite believable once a lens is inserted for personal visual effects.

People who wear Halloween lenses fall into many categories, including Halloween-themed cosplay, those who want to get more attention (and love) from others at a party and people who like the idea of transforming their eyes.


Halloween contacts make for some of the best costumes. Black mini sclera contacts are particularly effective, since they merge with your pupil to give the impression that your eye is empty and larger than normal. This dramatic look works especially well as it gives you a beautiful, chillingly captivating appearance. It’s far more terrifying than any other kind of contact lens!

The tint of these dark gray colored contact lenses make them ideal for use at a party or Halloween event where you want to look as attractive and attractive as possible. Even though they have a super light weight design and are very breathable to wear, don’t expect them to last for longer than one day, but if you’re planning on attending one party per week with these wearers then they’ll do the trick.


One of the most sought after Halloween colors. The red-cored sclera contacts are made from vibrant material and designed to cover a range of eye colors, these big red eyes will definitely achieve your next Halloween costume’s goal. When people see you dressed up as a demon at the halloween party , they will be petrified!


White sclera contact lenses with black pupils are a great addition to our collection of scary costume contacts. Paired with white contact lens and skull makeup, customers can create an extremely effective look as a ghoulish character from the underworld. We receive many enquiries about these lenses from affiliates who want to use them in their parties and themed events, however we remind potential buyers that the vision will be affected whilst wearing the lens due to it being magnified so only those with experience should wear this particular style.

The mini sclera design is not a significant leap from regular colored contact lenses and should feel fairly comfortable when inserted. If you are new to contacts, use our troubleshooting page for issues with discomfort or trouble inserting your lenses.

Here are some of the classic Halloween costumes you can create using mini scleral lenses:

  • Zombie Costumes
  • Vampire Costumes
  • Witch/Occult Costumes
  • Demon Costumes
  • Ghost Costumes
  • Skull Makeup

Mini sclera offers a cheaper alternative to sclera contact lenses, and they can still give your eyes that creepy contact lens look, no matter if you are going to pair them with an SFX or Halloween costume. These mini scleras have proven themselves year after year to be incredibly popular and versatile when it comes to creating a range of scary monsters and characters for their Instagram makeup artists, who use them for inventive outcomes during their HALLOWEEN MASKS!