If you’re looking to change your appearance, take a look at our realistic colored contacts. Not only will they change your eye color, but you’ll also find other colors to match many different outfits. Aside from allowing you to try out new looks, these items are also great for improving your appearance when you wear them, so the next time someone asks where you got your contacts, they’ll think that this is simply the way your natural eye color looks. Additionally, people will want to spot the difference in your natural versus fake eyes; good luck getting any of them to figure it out!

Natural looking contacts aren’t just about having fun with your look, they are also a fantastic way to bring an extra sparkle or color to your outfits. If for example you have found the perfect shirt but it doesn’t exactly fit in with your eye color, a pair of natural eyes can be a fun way to experiment and enhance your look! Natural colored contact lenses can also help you create interesting effects such as making an outfit pop by complementing them with matching colored lenses, creating subtle dreamy looks with baby blues, glitzy sultry effects that will make people say ohhh like the dark eyes as well as giving off that surprised woman on her wedding night glow even though you haven’t found the husband yet!

You don’t even need to use the contacts and you can still give yourself a totally new look by using natural and realistic-looking contacts that can help you change your eye color. Whether you want deep chocolate eyes or velvet black ones – all with just one pair of contacts – we have them!

We also have other sections like silver glimmer  contact lenses, yin yang contact lenses, and biohazard contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!

Real Looking Colored Contacts

Experiment with spectacle lens gradients to match your favorite character in manga, anime, or cartoon movies. There are many styles of gradient color lenses that are available to anyone who wishes to be the star in any picture.

  • Tri tone coloured contacts. Brown colored contact lenses are a trend that continue to be popular because of their versatility. If you want to add a touch of color to your ordinary brown eyes, you can’t go wrong with these Chocolate Brown Lenses available from Contacts America; these lenses feature a light brown shade around the pupil and create a natural blend effect leading to the outer edge of the iris. The chocolate and dark brown tones merge to create a dappled look that is flattering and natural-looking.
  • Two tone coloured contacts. Aqua Blue Two Tone Coloured Contact Lenses are naturally dazzling. Their bright aqua blue tone is perfect for masking the hue of your brown eyes so that they appear greener to other people. The dark outer circles balance out the main part of the lens, making them look natural instead of fake. They’re bold enough to wear every day, whether you’re going to work, out with friends or partying it up at a club or party .
  • One tone coloured contacts. If you’re looking to augment your natural eye color, one of our most classic out-of-the-box options are colored contacts. Often referred to as “kaleidoscope” or “circular” eyes, one tone contact lenses provide a bold and vivid hue while also enhancing the natural iris—two birds with one stone! If you’re looking for something fun but subtle, our new Green One Tone Colored Contact Lenses are available in various sizes and can be mixed with other colored contact lenses (add on lens charges may apply). A new look is just a click or call away.

Still Don’t see what you’re looking for? As an international brand we offer a number of different colors and styles so there’s no reason to settle for something that doesn’t completely shine. Pick from aqua, blue, brown, green, grey and hazel contact lenses so you can rock out in your own unique way! Don’t forget to check if one of our purple lenses fits your personality!

Shop Realistic Eye Contacts

What do you get when you add one part blue and two parts brown? A pretty awesome pair of colored contacts! Can’t commit to a full year of color contact use? Or maybe you want them on the weekend for your wedding or with your Halloween costume. We’ve got you covered with multiple levels of wear in terms of durability and longevity. Color contacts for any occasion, any time – in just one day!

Are you interested in buying colored contacts but aren’t sure how to care for them? Don’t worry, your eye doctor or optician will give you plenty of advice. Search our blog posts to find out more about looking after your contacts. We are here answering questions about colored contacts and helping you know where to get the best advice. All of our products are FDA-approved, meaning you get lightweight, breathable contacts for comfort. They also look natural and feel natural because they’re FDA-approved too.

WantLens can give you all the contacts you need to complete your costume. With our natural or realistic color contacts, we ensure that all of our lenses fit right into your eye socket. You won’t look like a big-eyed alien, but rather a bold sassy woman who knows how to finish her looks with a nice set of colored contacts. Wear them with an evening smoky eye for a glitzy night out!