Consoles have come a long way. Not only are games now in nice HD/4K but there are more and more added features that make gaming fun again and get us excited to play.

Whether you’re a cosplay novice or a social media superstar, every costume is sure to shine with a pair of color contacts. Use cosplay contacts for sale to match your character’s natural eye color or find specific anime character lenses to create a range of interesting eye colors and designs. If you like this post please share it with your friends!

We also have other sections like black prescription contacts, ultra violet uv contact lenses, and zombie contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!


There are hundreds of cosplay contacts available to help you match your character. You can choose your corrective strength and see all of the cosplay colored contact lenses that will give you clear vision as well as the look you desire.

Costume Cosplay Contact Lenses:

Animal Eye Prescription Colored Contact Lenses: Cat and reptile contact lenses are available in gothic designs and cat-eye styles, as well as fantasy enchanted werewolf themes and other seasonal shapes, including spiral animal eyes.

Colored Contact Lenses: These cool contact lenses may be worn and seen as fashion accessories. They come in a variety of colors and styles that can be used on stage for theatrical productions or concerts, or simply for enhancing one’s appearance to turn heads in the crowd. This is a fun way to transform your look without having to cut your hair!

Red Prescription Colored Contact Lenses: Create the perfect anime and cosplay looks with these authentic, officially licensed GetAiCE contact lenses in red. The officially licensed contacts come designed like magical orbs and special talismans to complete your cosplay or anime look.

Cosplay Contact Lenses: Choose special cosplay contact lenses to fit with your exact costume!

Natural Cosplay Contact Lenses:

Prescription Colored Contact Lenses These lenses offer a blend of color to create a natural and realistic look to the iris. This color will look bright and enhance the look of the eyes when paired with certain eye colors. It is important to note that results may vary depending on your natural eye color when using any type of colored contact lens.

Tri-Tone Prescription Colored Contact Lenses: Color is a fun way to transform the appearance of your eyes and change the color of your iris without having to wear colored contacts for almost a whole week. Tri-Tone colored contacts by ColorBlends are the most detailed style in our inventory because they have slight contrasts between colors that make them easy to match with any outfit or occasion. These are best suited for dark eyed individuals looking for real details.

Blends Prescription Colored Contact Lenses: Blends are the most subtle of all the natural colored contacts. These lenses are designed to blend with your natural eye color by either brightening your existing iris tone or by adding subtle flecks of color. If you’re new to colored contact lenses, this is a great option for you to start with a small change.


At Want Lens, we’re more than just a store for affordable cosplay contacts! We can also help you find the best treatment for your eyes, so whether you’re into anime or not – we have the perfect contact lenses for you. Here are some of our most popular brands:

Chromaview: A range of colors and prescriptions that can be applied to contacts!

Air Optix: A popular brand for natural colored contact lenses that has unique SmartShield technology to protect your eye during wear. You wear them as if you were wearing regular clothes since they feel like wearing nothing at all. Available in minus corrective strengths which provides you with freedom of near vision!

Freshlook: A brand of colored contact lenses that you will find to be highly comfortable while also being trendy and natural-looking. They are designed to correct short-sighted vision in patients suffering from nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, but they can still give anyone a beautifully enhanced appearance with their range of designs. Available in UV Absorbent technology for an added benefit.

ToriColors: ToriColors natural colored contact lenses are great for people with astigmatism (or having trouble seeing clearly in focus). Make sure to select your axis and cylinder for a product color to fit your prescription.

If you’re shopping from Canada, then you can use our RX checker which will automatically allow your optometrist to verify your order by uploading your current prescription through their own secure servers. If both parties agree that the lenses you have chosen are suitable for your eyes, then we will receive final approval so that we can begin fulfilling your glasses purchase.

All our lenses are Approved because we want to make sure that all eyes can safely wear our best-selling color contacts. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality lenses that are breathable, lightweight and affordable so that you can enjoy a long-lasting comfort at reasonable prices. People love them because they look natural and beautiful – perfect for long days at anime conventions or events!

If you enjoy cosplaying, then you’ve probably noticed that one of the main issues is having the correct colored contacts. This can be quite difficult, especially if a person wears multiple different colored contact lenses in their regular life. Thankfully, pink colored cosplay contacts are great because they can be used when they’re being worn in everyday life, then taken out in time to wear as part of your cosplay costume.

Fun fact: our eyes are always changing. The lenses you might buy for Halloween Costumes one year may not be compatible with your eyes by the following Halloween, and not necessarily because the prescription changes. This is because the cornea at the front of our eye is continuously renewing itself.

Shop prescription colored contact lenses online in the UK and EU to purchase lenses that are available for fast tracked shipping. Alternatively, you can shop with fast shipping for US orders from our US fulfillment center hub.

As you can see, Want Lens has a wide range of choices when it comes to purchasing prescription contact lenses online. You can be sure that your next cosplay is going to look great when you match your eyes to those of the characters you wish to dress up as. Cosplaying with Want lens will bring about many benefits such as being able to shop fast, also approved contact lenses!