Fans of horror flicks and zombie enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that at ColorLenses4u, we have an amazing selection of red prescription contact lenses! Find the best way to get those scary red eyes precisely by shopping on our website. Whether you need colored contacts because you’re dressing up as a character or just want to pick out some trendy novelty contacts to wear, we’ve got the perfect style for you. Red is sure to draw lots of attention because it can create either a subtle or dramatic look depending on how your colors complement each other.

You can spend a lot of time and energy searching the Internet for the perfect pair of prescription lenses, but you’ve come to the right place! We have it all here in one place: a large assortment of creepy and unusual styles, colors, durations and prescriptions. Take your next Halloween costume to the next level!!

Wearing glasses all of the time can be a real hassle and sometimes people just want to get away from them or have fun with them. If you wear contacts then you’re way ahead of the game already because that is actually a styled method of wearing frames! But this isn’t just about contacts though. It’s also about prescription-only contact lenses that come in fun and interesting designs, like zombie eye contacts ! It’s important to remember that zombies are far more terrifying when they are seen without lenses through their decaying eyeballs , right? The fun can begin once you take off your specs and put on your zombie contacts!

We also have other sections like prescription red, prescription blue , and blind contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!


Get extra creepy with these red prescription zombie contact lenses! Vampires, demons and goblins beware! There’s a new scary style on the block! No matter what kind of costume you want to wear this year, we are certain you will find a pair of prescription zombie contacts with us. To really send chills down the spine, try going red with your new look!

Seeing your vision through a blood-red hue adds that spooky touch to any supernatural costume. Grab a pair of our red Halloween colored contact lenses in order to make sure you’re in sync with the holiday’s theme! Red eyes are always a sure sign of an evil presence, so pair them with your vampire costume for an iconic, unparalleled look. Those who have witnessed aliens, demons, or the undead can attest that the dead have red eyes. Why not add some extra flare to your costume and depict this look with our very own cheap colored contact lenses?

Wearing a pair of costume lenses doesn’t have to be scary.  When you are wearing our prescription colored contact lenses, you can feel confident knowing that you will thoroughly enjoy your look no matter what character you want to Cosplay! Cosplay refers to dressing up as a particular character and these amazing costume cosmetics (like glasses) allow people to create an entirely new appearance with different eyes. Are you looking for a new wicked devil or demon look? These prescription colored lenses will help make it happen for less than 20 dollars for the pair!

The vivid red color of these lenses is sure to make whichever costumes you’re dressing up as stand out. If your eyes are dark, never fear – because thanks to our quality lenses anyone can unlock a new eye style for Halloween whether their eyes are brown or any other color!

With our wide range of contact lens renewal options, you’re sure to find exactly what you need. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just because, we have a pair of daily colored contacts that’ll help you switch things up fast and easily! Comfortable and easy to use every day, these month-long disposable lenses offer great value as well as convenience.


Halloween is all about awesome costumes and makeup styles – and of course, the eyes are one of the first points of interest when it comes to captivating looks! Our favourite choice when it comes to contact lenses for Halloween (or any fun event!) is those that come in striking white tones. Just imagine how much you could stand to awe your audience with the ‘evil eye’ look – we guarantee there will be loads of attention on you if you choose this as an alternative makeup style!

Don’t delay in picking up the last piece of your Halloween costume puzzle! To help spook members of the public, opt for a red-eyed look with white contact lenses. Why not try fancy dress competitions? The right costume may well be made complete by the right pair of contact lenses to achieve eye-catching results within minutes!

At the WantLens shop, we understand that there is a plethora of products to choose from when considering purchasing prescription colored contact lenses. That’s why we provide our customers with the assurance that we are not only selling high-quality yet safe contacts but that we provide all the information you need in order to pair these lenses with your costume for this year’s upcoming options like Halloween. You can rest assured that our employees know how to put the prescriptions in their eyes with ease so it will be no problem handling this at home!

People like to wear red prescription lenses during Halloween. However, handling the contacts can be complicated while remaining clean and without messy makeup, fake blood and so on. One should make sure to wash their hands before handling the lenses, but makeup and such should be kept in mind as well when it comes to contaminating the lens’ material. It can sometimes be very hard for a person to regulate crazy contact lenses properly. Our lens service is here to make life a whole lot easier so that you don’t have many things to worry about when handling lenses!

So, what are you waiting for? Whether it’s for Halloween, Comic-Con, or just a quick horror style, these red contacts are sure to fit the bill. We’ve got it all when it comes to colored contacts; the lenses, the style and the quality. Even our competitive shipping means that you can shop red prescription contact lenses US and beyond.