Brown Contact Lenses For Green Eyes

If you’re looking for brown contact lenses for your golden peepers , then you couldn’t shop at a better place than WantLens. We have a broad selection of non-prescription colored contact lenses which are suitable to be worn with a large variety of eye colors, no matter how dark your natural eye color is! If you’re desperate to switch up your brown freckles for a crisper shade of green then we have plenty of options for you to feast your eyes on !

Our colored contacts are some of the most powerful in the industry with regards to coloring strength. Their strong pigmentation allows each shade to provide coverage for nearly any eye color including such very dark shades as brown and even green! This coloration does not create false, unconvincing colors; the colored contacts we offer create designs and expressions suitable for all uses. Whether it be daily use or once-in-a-lifetime use, we’ve got every need covered!

Our Brown Colored Contacts Selection

Light brown is a pretty popular color for color contacts. Lots of our customers choose this shade because it allows their eyes to maintain a fairly natural look, while at the same time bringing out some beautiful gold tones that are hard to see in most natural irises. This color can be worn with basically any outfit, style or makeup choice you want! It’s perfect if you’re looking for some really subtle change, but willing to leave your house with something on your face.

Brown One Tone – This shade is fantastic for making your hazel eyes pop with a touch of brown. If you have blue, green or hazel eyes this color will be an easy way to freshen up your look!

Brown Tri-Tone – this color takes the shades of brown to a deeper shade, the slightly darker tone of chocolate adds more intrigue and mystery to your design

Brown Misty – This lens has that slightly wacky edge, which lends itself to being worn with fancy dress or cosplay outfits, as well as being more of a stand out style day-to-day.

Natural looking brown colored contact lenses are perhaps one of the most popular range of colored contacts available in the US today, and a lot of this is due to the fact that our customers can select from a variety of different shades to find their perfect match to either bring out or create a completely new look for themselves. Not only will our brown colored contact lenses potentially be suitable for your green eyes but they also come with a long durability minimum wear time for anyone who is looking to invest in a pair of long lasting colored contacts.

At WantLens, we make sure our customers are satisfied with their experience. Here at WantLens, we want to make sure that our customers are aware that using colored contacts is meant for fun and personal expression; however there are times when you might be convinced by others (or even yourself) that the only way to look “cool” is by wearing contacts that give your eyes characteristics like special hues or enhanced appearance.

We love empowering people who want to explore different styles with our affordable and high quality colored contacts. Our selection lets you have a blast with colors from everyday natural colors to bolder options if you’re looking for something a bit more, well, colorful! When you shop through Want Lens, there’s no need to worry about your regular colour showing through as they’re specifically designed to fit easily and beautifully on the outside of your eyes!