Halloween is here and so are the cats! Buy cat’s eye coloured contact lenses and embody the feline spirit this Halloween. From baby blue to yellow, go as the cute kitten or the beastly witch’s cat, you’re sure to find something that would look perfect with your costume and really nail that all-knife vibe of Halloween. And who knows; maybe we’ll even see some photo-ops of that rarest of all creatures: a red panda wearing a pair!

Kittens are one of the sexiest costumes out there (and they happen to be ridiculously adorable). When you choose to wear a white costume with cute aqua cat’s eyes, you have an oh-so sweet comic book character come comic book goddess. And the cat circle lenses we stock are so much more than just coloured contact lenses – they feature vertical pupils, instantly recognizable as being a cat’s eyes.

You can also check out pink cat eyes contacts,green dragon contact lenses, and snake contact lenses if you want to try something new

When it comes to cat eye lenses, there are a lot of different colors and even different lens types! Some of the most common colors available include blue cat eyes, yellow cat eyes, or aqua cat eyes. Our lenses can also be one-day disposable ones for those looking for feline faucets per Halloween. Or if you want to incorporate sometimes being a playful kitten nine times out of ten throughout your party season, we have lens products lasting for as long as thirty days. We have many one-year lithium hydroxide contact lenses too which is ideal for cosplayer and adventurous and flirty girls and guys who like to “spice things up” with occasional catty appearances that mix individuality into their outfit choices.
Why We’re the Best!
Want Lens is all about putting the customer first. Supporting our customers in any way possible with products that are not only high quality but affordable is what drives us to do what we do best here at WantLens! Our colored contacts are manufactured with the customer’s eye health in mind for both our daily disposable and coloured contacts. We care about keeping your eyes looking fresh, new, and vibrant with our selection of the most flattering circle lenses available on the market so you can be adored wherever you go, whatever you wear! And seriously, who wouldn’t want a cheap, dramatic, and unique addition to their outfit?

And now’s the time to discuss how amazing Eyefusion are – FDA approved of course, which means they are totally safe to put on your eyes. And of course, being UK based means that all of their materials are sourced safely! You’ll also be happy to hear that these lenses are extremely comfortable and easy to wear!

Are coloured contacts right for you? Cat eyes and other animal-themed lenses might be a bit tame and common, and we understand that – but never fear! We have other cool and unique styles that will give your eyes the attention they deserve at any event. Take a look through our catalogue of colours, textures, patterns, UV color changing lenses, etc. – there are so many eye statements to choose from based on what you’re wearing or just what you want to achieve with your look. And if this isn’t enough variety for you, consider our anime contact pair with designs inspired by the magical world of anime! ​

These contacts are a perfect solution for a lot of people, but you’ll want to make sure that they aren’t going to give you too much trouble with your vision. Therefore, it is recommended that before using our product, consult an eyecare professional.

In short you’ll get noticed for sure! You need these lenses on. While we think a cat-eye look is the ultimate Halloween costume, there are other options you can choose from even if cats aren’t your thing. Our extensive range makes sure everyone has a chance of getting a high quality product at a price that is affordable and acceptable even to those on a very tight budget.