We offer a variety of white contact lenses for you to add a creepy touch to your look. Our products work well for both Halloween and other costume parties, such as an undead-themed event. These eye lenses are a popular inclusion in plenty of people’s zombie and monstrous outfits.

In our opinion, the use of white contact lenses is a stylish way to complete any Halloween or Cosplay outfit. Some Halloween decoration ideas for this year are white contact lenses. These colours work with most costumes. It means that you can buy white contacts knowing it will work with most of your outfits – different ones for different costume ideas which is still only up to you!

If you want to add more creativity to your costume, check our weird contact lenses page.

Whether you want to go for a Harley Quinn kind of vibe, or just want to crush it in next year’s cosplay competition, changing up your eye color with a pair of white lenses will make all the difference. The really interesting thing about wearing white lenses is that they can give you an otherworldly look that’s super hard to recreate with other colored. A pair of white contacts is an absolute must-have if you want the scariest costume this year. You’ll be sure to impress everyone with your new white coloured contact lenses.

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At Lens Picker, we have a large collection of contact lenses for sale that will enable you to change the color of your eyes to any shade possible. We know what personal style you like and we design our eye contacts specifically with you in mind. Whether you want your look as sharp as an eagle or perhaps as spooky as Dracula himself, we’ve got the contacts to make it happen. You can even change your eye color permanently with colored contact lenses if you’re looking for something more permanent and unique compared to wearing colored contacts only during Halloween!

There are plenty of spectral and skeletal beings that would suit having a pair of white eyes contact lenses on the look! Replicate the same spiritual style in all your spooky outfit ideas. Ghosts and ghouls will certainly steer clear of your scary stare if you bag yourself a brand new pair of colored lenses! If you really want to take your look to the next level, you can also pick up white UV lenses which glow under black light! They’re an ideal way of standing out on the dance floor, or during the midnight hour of a Halloween party.

One of the most eeriest fashion trends of all time is wearing white contact lenses. When you think of all those Halloween merchandise infomercials from your local TV channel, the first thing you see is a bunch of actors putting on a new pair of white contacts on first thing in the morning. This certainly sends a good vibe to anyone who’s a fan of the occult! Be that as it may – there are different kinds available for consumers today. Like some may be more suitable for cosplay, while others have been designed to help with your vision deficiency.

But at the end of the day – any type will do as long as you’re fond of it and if you can pull off such goofy antics during this peculiar holiday season! If you want to make all these fun fancies really come alive, we recommend picking up colored ones which glow under UV light! Or if not, regular ones will also do like black and red contacts:)

Are you in need of a pair of corrective contact lenses? Just as a reminder to those who may need a patch test because white lenses contain a different eye drop to dark contacts, we’ve made sure you can always purchase prescription Halloween contact lenses to block the correct amount of light. If you have astigmatism or near-sightedness, finding your exact prescription shouldn’t be much trouble at all as long as you know what correction type your old lenses were – and now it’s easy to find your next pair of perfect color contact lenses that match.

Customers love our many colored contacts designs because they give your eyes the kind of uniqueness that truly “pops!”. From our sleek black and white contacts styles which look like an electric third eye to the classic fiery fuchsia (red) contact lenses, this will easily bring your vampiric looks to life. But hey, what about blue? For some added highlights in your costume get up, try out white or even gray contacts for a fresh effect.


In addition to the color and design of your contact lenses, there are many other things you can consider when you’re looking to choose a new pair. We know precisely what options are available to us, so we provide enough information for you to get a good idea of the varieties that may be included in a regular pair of colored contacts. Everyone is different and has various needs when it comes down to how long they’ll need their white lenses for.

Some will be going on short vacations while others will have long-term plans which require frequent changes – but no matter what, everyone needs at least one set of these glasses so here’s some information about them nothing nothing! The best thing about colored contacts is the large selection available. But there’s also another good thing: being able to get an item from FreshLook today means having less time spent worrying in the future.


Our online store has been operating since 2001 and is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality of contact lenses at the cheapest prices. We ship all our products for US customers and follow European regulations when constructing them. Get fashionable but more importantly, get high-quality contacts from Lens Picker online!

We want all our customers to be happy with their purchases, which is why we recommend that you first visit your optician before buying a colored contact lens. With the help of a professional, you’ll find a pair that suits your eyes and suits your style.

We ship internationally, to the US and beyond. Making sure our customers can shop for lenses   overseas is important to us. Our options include next day delivery options for US customers so there are no timing constraints holding you back from ordering contact lenses. Now that Halloween is just around the corner, it can be hard to find the perfect costume. If you want white contact lenses for your festive outfit then visit Lens Picker!