Hazel Contact Lenses For Dark Eyes


We try here at WantLens to let our customers know that we value individuality and think it’s important to allow them the chance to express themselves however they choose! Our extensive range of contacts ensures your individual style shines through whether you’re looking for coloured contact lenses for hazel eyes, or are considering what colour contacts are right for brown eyes. To meet everyone’s uniqueness, our team is always open to hearing about your needs.

As the market for colored contact lenses continues its upward swing, we take care of our customers! The WantLens team works hard to offer you excellent service and quality products, including Veloxes and DorasFX. To find your ideal pair of colored contacts anytime you like just click and order online now!

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As mentioned, our lenses are designed for anyone who has a vision problem, so whether you have brown eyes and want to try something different, or you have green eyes and just want to pop the colour a bit more, we’ve got you covered. It is important to note that results may vary so there are certain styles it is best to use to achieve a full colour change.

Most people who are searching for hazel contact lenses to make their eyes look brighter with a subtle blend of browns usually want to improve the appearance of dark eyes, but unfortunately you cannot make dark eyes lighter. The transparent hazel color will mimic the realistic flecked pattern inside of an eye that you would see on others with very light brown irises, but if your own iris is dark brown then it’s nearly impossible without expensive screening technology to duplicate that live effect on yourself.

The selection of colored contacts at WantLens offers you the ability to change the color of your eyes for non-prescriptive purposes. There are several colours available, no prescription is required, and all materials used are safe. Depending on your needs, there is a wide range of coloured contacts available for different eye colors – blue eyes , hazel eyes , or brown eyes. The site offers price comparison features, articles about eye colour , and information about vision correction . It’s time you checked out all that WantLens can offer!

A popular and effective choice, honey brown contact lenses for dark eyes are an easy and reliable way to totally transform your look. By softening and enhancing your features, a pair of natural colored hazel contact lenses in a lighter hue will work wonders, never failing to disappoint as they blend perfectly with any outfit choice.

If you are looking for a great way to make your look stand out amongst the crowd, WantLens offer an alternative solution to your visual needs. Regardless of the reason behind needing colored lenses – whether you’re simply seeking a new pair to strike that perfect balance with an existing look, or you’re in need of contacts that are bound to complement this year’s party outfit – WantLens provide plenty of options for style themes ranging from natural hues to more intricate designs.

Interested in learning about our hazel colored contacts? We offer many different styles at WantLens! Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Single Toned
  • Two Toned
  • Tri-Toned
  • Glimmer
  • Big Eyes

We keep our hazel contacts both natural and realistic so that you won’t have to worry about changing your look. We offer a variety of lenses for whatever look, style, or idea you want to try out.

Are you looking to change up your look? Check out our smooth, sleek single tone hazel contact lenses. Our single tone hazel eyes are available with either two or three levels of darkness and can be used to conceal your original shade in one way or another. If you want something different, pick out a set that changes the color of only one eye. For example, if you wanted to transform your left eye but leave your right alone, we’ve got what you’re looking for! Feel free to try them on and find the tone that works best for you!

When a customer is looking for contacts that will cover their dark eyes the most, they should look for three color eyed contacts. The tri tone range works best because it blends between three colors to give the best coverage to the area around the iris. The inner and outer rings add definition and depth while the main lens colour covers up the darkness around your iris with a honey brown color.

If you’re more of a funky person, then why not try out a pair of Glimmer or Big Eye lenses. They enhance all natural eye shades and have a mystical look to them so they’re great for those seeking some distinguishing features on their face as well as those who want to create a striking impact with their appearance. People who wear these lenses will truly stand out from the crowd with their eyes!

​​Do you want an affordable pair of hazel colored contacts? WantLens is your answer. Fashionable and affordable, WantLens offers hazel lenses that are made with approved materials. You can be sure that every pair of eyes will gaze upon your new hazel lens with envy. It doesn’t matter what shade of hazel contact lenses for dark eyes you prefer either! We’ve got the perfect color combination for any eye color, including hazel contacts for brown eyes.