Do you love all things outer space and sci fi? Then you are sure to enjoy wearing solar star contact lenses. These natural want lenses will enhance your eyes with a stunning star effect. The lenses are two tone, which is what gives them a realistic style. All eye colors are made from many different tones, look closely at your eyes in a mirror and you may notice shades or colors you didn’t know were there. This is the reason for crafting colored contact lenses with multiple shades. With the solar lenses, the star burst gives them an added bit of flair so you look like you could be hiding the mysteries of the universe in your eyes! The star led from the center of the iris to the edges in a distinct tone than the main background color of the lens.

These contact lenses will make you look like you’re from outer space. The subtle design and full of color style makes it easy to wear them for costumes or sci fi inspired outfits. They also look good in photographs when paired with the right things and would work with makeup easily. Especially great as part of a costume, these galaxy contacts are built to be worn for a long time without discomfort or getting irritated eyes. Order now for galaxy contact lense online shopping at any time of the day or night!

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Star Effect Galaxy Want Lenses

There are a wide variety of wearable products on the market, from watches and rings to necklaces and sunglasses. But some products look more like contacts lenses than glasses or other items we’re used to seeing! Apart from their uniqueness though, is anything that different about these purple contact lenses?

If one wants to keep it natural, then try the Solar blue contacts from ColorBlends. These bold and bright blue lenses try to emulate the color and look of a sea swimming pool with their shiny blue hue. They will actually enhance the dark-colored eyes of those who wear them, especially if those eyes are shaped in an oval form. These eye contacts will quickly turn into center of attention for whomever seems to lay their eyes on these mesmerizing blue gems.

In contrast to the purple and blue solar contacts, the hazel solar want lens feature a dark star set against a lighter background. The hazel background brings out the shine in your eyes, making them appear bright and striking. To match your own eyes, choose from our range of contact lenses today!


Are you ready for your next space mission? To explore the depths of the outer-reaches of our solar system, you’ll need a pair of solar star colored tinted contact lenses. Make sure to choose a length of time that matches your intended duration as well as the lens type/fit you’d like – to make sure it’s safe for your eyes over time, choose daily disposable contacts if you don’t want to be bothered cleaning and maintaining them. Getting used to wearing new styles is easy and helps ensure a nice finish to your outfit: pick up some solution or ‘cleaning kit’ from the store and look after them properly according to usage instructions – this will keep both your eyesight clear and give you peace of mind when it comes to protecting your vision.

Our lenses are approved and are made with soft materials that provide the maximum comfort for your eyes. They are also lightweight and breathable so you won’t experience any irritation while wearing them! To ensure you get the very best vision, we advise you talk to an eye doctor in person before deciding which lenses might be suitable for your individual requirements!

When you choose colored contacts made by Want  Lens, you’ll be joining the ranks of rock stars like Ke$ha and Lady Gaga who have been wearing these there lenses for years.