Mesh and screen contact lenses are becoming a must have fashion statement. Not only do they offer a variety of coloring options, but they can complement your outfits perfectly.

We also have other sections like crow contact lenses, demon eye  contacts, and scary contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!


Meet our new range of contact lenses to give your eyes the look and feel that you really desire. From alien eyes to cat eyes or just a simple touch of color, take advantage of new additions from our brand new collection as we strive to assist everyone in their search for the perfect vision they deserve.

Opting for either robotic red mesh lenses, android white screen lenses or cyber black mesh lenses you can be sure to draw attention wherever you go.

The right lenses make all the difference when it comes to wearing contact lenses. Made from high quality materials, these lightweight and flexible oxygen permeable contacts can be worn comfortably for hours on end by people of all ages and they look so natural that no one will even notice you are wearing contacts!

Have you ever had that moment designing something when your first impression is “Wow, this looks great! But I can’t use it”? That frustration is understandable, especially if you love to make things look cool too. While flexibility and versatility is an important aspect of UX design in general, there are a few basic guidelines that you should take note of when embarking on your next project:

Even if you do not need glasses or corrective contact lenses, it’s still essential that you consult an optometrist before wearing colored lenses. Your optometrist will check a number of things including the suitability of the lens color for your eyes and ensure that you know how to properly care for your new contacts.

When caring for your contact lenses, it’s essential to pay attention to standard procedures. Cleaning your lenses sets the framework for a good quality of life as well as protecting against irritation and infection in general. The following 5 steps should be applied each time you use your contacts:

Contact lenses are important to wear and take good care of. If you want to keep wearing them, be sure to follow all the directions listed on the lens care package.

Never exceed the wear duration stated on the packaging of your lenses – so keep an eye on those expiry dates! Wearing lenses that have passed their expiration date can lead to infections and other complications. For example, permanent damage to your vision or a localized infection that occurs at or around your eyes.

If you’ve been taking care of your contacts and putting them in your eyes regularly, there’s probably no reason that these symptoms would arise. The brand’s packaging includes information on storing the lens cases in a place where they won’t be compromised by sunlight, heat or moisture – follow those directions to prevent disturbing side effects.

NEVER share your lens with another person. You are putting yourself and others at risk of serious eye infections.

Each pair of contact lenses we sell are housed in a sealed package, suspended in an eye-safe solution until you’re ready to use them.