Slithering up your freaky contact lens style wish list, it’s our awesome collection of snake contact lenses. Wanna see how the all-time reptile, king of the jungle (or reptile) looks with his very own pair of contacts? Well then these have your name on them! The iconic animal eye with vertical slit pupils is really brought in to style with these over-the-top snake eyes.

You’ve got a snake or lizard costume? Well, if you want to complete the look with realistic eyes then we’re proud to say that our green contact lenses are in stock! We love Reptile contact lenses as they do make any eye transformation quite freaky and wild. Our bold selection of animal print lenses mean that you’ll be able to find some truly amazing eye contact lenses – and if you have a keen interest in Cosplay then these lenses will be perfect for any future fancy dress parties!

If you are interested in a little reptile action, snake eyes can punctuate the color of your pupils. They come in a lot of different colors including red, orange, blue and green. If you are looking for a pair of contacts to kick off that new look, be sure to check out these yellow serpentine contacts.

We also have other sections like darth maul contact lenses, alien contact lenses, and joker contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!


Snakes are a popular costume choice. They’re featured in many fables, films and video games such as Harry Potter. You may be wondering how you can incorporate reptile contact lenses into your look! If you don’t know what to do with cobra contact lenses, here are some costume inspirations for you:

Yellow-Snake Eyes– the classic look is a popular choice, which is why many people opt for these Kaleidoscope contacts. The lenses themselves have a yellow exterior coloring and a black vertical pupil. We’ve made them so you can see through the design, so there’s no need to worry about your vision being obstructed by the lenses themselves.

Sharingan Lenses – The Sharingan is an incredibly advanced form of the Eye Technique. Those who possess it are known as “shinobi” and use this eye to copy movements, cast jutsus without hand seals, and foretell an opponent’s moves before they even make them. Just like this bloodline limit from Naruto, a pair of Sharingan contact lenses can give one the ability to see into the future with crystal clear vision!

Medusa Contact Lenses – for that terrifying look, you need to make sure your eyes match the menacing resemblance of a snake. These Medusa contact lenses are vibrant and beautiful, but only look at them once before they turn you into stone! Pair this with a gorgeous headdress and colored serpentine hair to really get that ancient Gorgon feel.

Eye Reptile Contacts – Scaly, snake-like eyes are hard to obtain through makeup application, but it is fun and exciting to wear contact lenses that give your eyes that reptilian appearance. We offer a variety of different colors so as to not limit your imagination when it comes to making interesting fashion choices for that spooky holiday party you’ve always wanted to attend!

As you browse our selection of contact lenses, we want to make sure you don’t miss out on the classics. Whether looking for a certain novelty style that makes it seem like your eyes are slighting replaced with a serpent’s or scales, or something more outlandish such as dragon contacts – a mythical creature that can make the wearer appear reptilian, we’ve got what you’re looking for! Why not accentuate your costume look by adding in some red lizard contact lenses? They’ll go great alongside any cold-blooded outfit.

Planning on having a Halloween party? Why not consider giving some snake eye contact lenses some true consideration. They are sure to get you noticed! Many of our animal contact lenses have UV pigment, so they can be seen glowing in the dark! Give your party an exciting twist by presenting your fantastical new eyes to all of your guests in turn!


When shopping for prescription lenses, you want to make sure they’re high quality. Our colored contact lenses are among the best on the market and include plenty of fun, funky and full-on freaky designs. Snake eye lenses are just one example of what we have to offer.

We also sell contacts that don’t require prescription. If you’re already wearing prescription lenses, we recommend asking your optometrist if it’s safe for you to wear colored contacts without glasses. Many people prefer colored contacts without prescription for convenience and flexibility, so we offer clear and natural-looking prescription lenses on every pair of these invisible contact lenses we distribute to our customers! Create your flawless reptile look this Halloween by checking out our selection of cheaper, colored snake eye contacts with no prescription required.

If you are thinking about adding eye contacts to enhance your costume look, then you’re in the right place. We’re an experienced contacts lens retailer with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to colored contacts, so if you need help with choosing these accessories or obtaining additional style advice, we’ve got all the help you can handle with our knowledge on every article of clothing and every style idea ever conceived – trust us!

Sometimes, the best way to learn is by doing. Hopefully that’s what you’ll do with some of our contact lenses such as those for reptiles and other animals. We always want to provide the very best in terms of selection and quality and ensure you have one of the largest collections available on the web with all kinds of styles. If you’re running out of ideas and options when it comes to getting these lenses for Halloween , then make sure you stop by here over at our site instead because we’re your one-stop shop! We’ve got what you need – including snake contact lenses!