Durable lenses are contact lenses that have high water content. They’re made of special hydrogels which enable them to withstand multiple uses. Because they are so soft, even the thinnest cylinders can carry the highest amount of moisture.

Some of the contacts stocked at Colored Contacts are daily lenses, which means they can be worn more than once. Other types of lenses tend to have a specific time frame in which they are used.

Lenses come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. If you’re trying to find the right set to fit your look, the challenge is figuring out which lens fits your need. Contact lens and vision experts suggest looking at these specs when shopping for contacts.


Once you’ve found a model that fits your needs, we’ll send it straight to your door. For those who want even more comfortable lenses, take a look at our monthly subscription service! You will receive the contact lenses you desire on the schedule of your own choice.

Comic Con events can last all day, even longer than that sometimes. So if you are going as a character who wears contacts, you might want to think about wearing soft contact lenses. They can be used more than once and they don’t irritate your eyes because of how comfortable they are! Thick contact lenses are durable and soft so you will have no problems all day long.

With Want Lens, you can expect nothing but quality. They have moisture locked in so that you don’t struggle with dry eyes by the end of the day. We will leave it up to you to decide on what designs are best suited for your personality!


Shopping in our natural range can be a great way to go. There are many types of soft contact lenses available and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which ones will work for you after all, we want you to get the most out of your experience with us.

If you are searching for the durable contact lenses section, then you will find the lens that provides comfort, attractiveness and a durability. These lenses can only be worn for a long duration than daily disposable ones. Although both of them have their best uses – daily disposables should never be considered your end-all solution unless you are experiencing complications with the durable types of contacts!

This little difference is barely noticeable once inserted but could save you time and money in the long run. With one pair of lenses, you could achieve up to 90 days of use – that’s plenty of opportunities to try out a new you! With a range of colors to choose from, there’s no easier way to change your eye color.

With the longer-lasting contact lenses you don’t need to worry about handling them as carefully as you might with a regular lens. The lengthy contacts still provide you with all of the same opportunities, so in that sense it’s not an issue to stick them in your eyes first thing in the morning and last thing at night.


The last type of contact lens is our costume range. These brightly colored lenses will give your pupil full coverage, perfect for completing your vampire or zombie Halloween costumes or fantasy looks. The contact lenses are in 90 day and wet pack format so that if you are a professional MUA or want to try multiple looks with a single style of lens then this is the style for you. We love to see people getting creative with our lenses and can’t believe the range of characters we have seen cosplayed with our lenses!

Whenever you’re purchasing lenses for Halloween contact lens use, you can purchase 90 day or 1 year lenses. If you’re not used to handling contacts, however, then it’s best to try out a thicker contact lens because they are more resistant to pressure than thinner ones. If there’s any accidental application of force while the lenses are in your hand, the chances of the thinner contacts popping out will be much greater, which means that using thicker ones increases safety levels during this important time of making sure we look perfect for oncoming festivities all throughout this timeframe until our costumes come off.

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