Bored of standard, snooze-worthy old-fashioned trends? Want some that’ll really add that extra special something to your look? Well then, you’ve stumbled onto the right website! Want Lens stocks a wide range of new styles including some seriously funk want  lenses meaning that getting a totally ‘wow’ look has never been easier!

While we may be slightly biased towards our range of special effects contact lenses, we really do believe that we are one of the best UK store around! Honestly – there’s no reason to go anywhere else, with our website stocking just about every colour you can think of and some highly-desired designs! No matter what situation or event you’re in need of cosmetic contacts for, we think you’ll find the perfect pair of special contact lenses among our range!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about all of the different kinds of FX contact lenses available on our website! Now let’s get down to business, because we have a lot more information to give you! We really do take pride in making sure every single one of our customers gets the exact look they are craving with these great contact lenses.

We also have other sections like zombie contact lenses, crazy  contact lenses, and funky contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!


One of the things that our customers often come to us for here at H&C are special effects contact lenses. We understand what they’re looking for which is why we love to offer so many fun options like leopard contact lenses and animal print contact lenses. While these aren’t necessarily your average cosmetic colored contacts, they are incredibly fun and far from basic! If you’ve been wanting a pair but never thought you could pull them off, why not try something like our Beetlejuice or Japanese Pikachu themed theatrical contacts? You might be surprised by how much extra color can change your overall look!

You might have seen plenty of cosplayers at a particular convention or event that you know look incredible with special lenses and contacts. Whoever made them look like characters they’ve dressed up as must be really talented right? That’s true! And the reason why these people can produce amazing costumes is because, not only are they creative, but also because they’re very familiar with the range of contact lens and how to apply them to make their vision come alive. If you’re looking for this kind of expertise and quality, you should definitely check out Beatline Optical. They have years of experience providing the best quality products on the market, making them second to none in the industry!

Blind Contacts – These lenses will blow you away! They’re a great choice if you want to take your costume to the next level, giving you that off-putting zombie look. If you want some lenses that will allow you not only to disguise yourself but also look like your favourite undead anime character, then our range of Zombie Contact Lenses might be just what you are looking for!

UV Contacts: UV contact lenses simply glow in the dark once exposed to a light source! We all know there are lots of crazy nights out on the town, but wearing these contacts will make you more unique than ever before. Wearing these will be sure to help you stand out from the crowd and we don’t doubt that as soon as your friends see them they’ll be asking where they can get them too.

FX Print Contacts – We also stock a number of eye-catching Halloween contact lenses (with wacky and kooky designs that are certain to win your heart!) featuring unique designs like the Black Pink Bullseye Want  Lens and our Lucky Dice Want Lenses, which feature – well, dicey- themed designs!

Enough talking. Let’s stop showing off and just tell you what’s awesome! We have so many great things to say about our range of special contact lenses that we don’t know where to start first!


We offer a wide range of contact lenses that will provide you with excellent vision and care. Our lenses are made from some of the highest quality materials, which is why they’re so effective in delivering clear, unclouded viewing under all circumstances. You can rest easy knowing that our lenses were created to withstand years of wear and tear, leaving your vision looking sharp and clear into old age.

If you’re looking for cheap colored contacts that will be compatible with your prescription, Want Lens is the place to be. You’ll be happy to hear that our colored lenses are durable,approved and available in a range of different durations depending on what fits your bank account. Many of the pair we carry are even good for 1 year! Now you can really splurge on lenses without worrying about finances.

Our lenses are also available in non prescription form: meaning you don’t need a eyewear prescription in order to have some creative fun with your eyes! Thanks to this you’re free to colour them as brightly as you like for Halloween or any other occasion. Now those colours are totally your choice – whether you prefer purple or blue, green or yellow lenses is completely up to you!

Of course it’s important to visit your optometrist before trying on any new contact lenses. After all, the health of your eyes is among the most precious things in the world and we don’t want you to be blinded by some cheap pair of lenses that you ordered online. Which is why we recommend visiting an eye specialist first. They will be able to provide valuable advice on which lenses or frames are best suited to your particular needs.

So why wait? If you’re looking for clear cosmetic contact lenses and have just read everything we’ve had to say, then you’ve probably agreed that we are the most reliable online retailer to get them from! Start living your wildest dreams today by ordering with Want Lens now!