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The Naruto premium contact lenses from Want Lenses are modeled after your favorite anime character’s eight-pointed star-shaped patterns, using the same designs that have been reworked and modified to fit comfortably into your eyes. You’ll be able to wear them no matter what the occasion may be, whether it’s a cosplay event or simply when you want something different!

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If you’ve been looking for Want Lenses like the ones every character has in this series, then we have what you’re looking for! We have a selection of these eyes-changers including naruto contacts with designs inspired by your favourite characters from the world’s most popular anime and manga

.We bet you didn’t realise that you could pull off the perfect Naruto look with Naruto contacts. As compared to our competitors, we stock high quality variants of the level 1, 2, 3 and mangekyo sharingan contact lenses. Not only will you be able to pull off any style from the show but because of the superior quality pigmentation of our lenses, you’ll nail the look every time!

At, we provide you with the highest quality of contact lenses at prices you can afford! We offer a variety of daily, weekly and monthly disposable contacts so that no matter how bold or extravagant your tastes may be, we’ve got something for every event and occasion. For example, as a Naruto fan looking to cosplay Kurama, one can find what one might want in order to add flair to their costumes by checking out our daily contact lenses assortment.

Are you ready to star in your next cosplay? Our sharingan contact lenses are some of the best and they will surely help you achieve that awesome look! Take a look at our list below and find a pair that will be perfect for your costume.

Naruto Cosplay Contact Lenses:

Yellow Naruto Sage Colored Contact Lenses -These lenses are of the Nine-Tail variety and embody a certain standard of quality. They’ll transform your eyes into foxy beasts!

Black Red Ninetails Colored Contact Lenses- If you’re a fan of anime it’s pretty safe to say that you’ve seen this familiar face before. If you just couldn’t get enough of the foxy protagonist from the YuuYuu Hakusho series, make sure to check out this pair of lenses modeled directly after his demonic eyes!

Sasuke Sharingan Contacts:

Red Sharingan Colored Contact Lenses:For the best and highest quality Naruto themed contact lenses, feast your eyes on these! Not only do these contacts look perfectly like their source material, they’re also available in 90 day varieties!

Black Red Kakashi 2 Colored Contact Lenses -Failing that, you’ll also want to keep an eye on our lenses and contacts which come in a variety of designs from what appears to be the character’s cursed seal or are custom-made with a generic one!

Naruto Eye Contact Lenses:

Grey Rinnegan Colored Contact Lenses:If you’re looking for cosplay contacts related to Madara Uchiha from Naruto then look no further! Check out our rinnegan eye contacts for a perfect fit for your cosplay.

White Neji Colored Contacts Lenses –We are proud to have some of the most inspired, unique and wonderful Naruto contacts around! Make sure you grab a great look that’s full of awesome ninja character with our fantastic collection of Naruto contacts.


We couldn’t have picked a better costume for you than Naruto and the Ninja Eye contact lenses with WantLenses .And remember to come back here so you can share your incredible cosplay photos with us!

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