Best Colored Contacts For Dark Eyes


When shopping online for colored contacts, you want to know that you’ll get quality. That’s why the best colored contacts are found only at WantLens where you’re not just choosing from any ol’ brand – but one that has been trusted by discerning consumers for years. With our vast catalog of top-quality contact lenses, you can find out what color lenses are ideal for your eyes and what brand is the most popular among our many customers. You’ll also be able to see which brands and even lens types receive positive feedback and comments from our loyal clientele.

If you’re looking for a night of fun and fright, we have a great selection of Halloween contact lenses. These contacts will make a great addition to your costume or can be worn as an extravagant makeup accessory for those who want to give their costume that extra “wow!” factor. Whether you have been searching for the perfect outfit all year, or just considered throwing together something last second, our novelty contact lenses will surely turn some heads as they glow under UV light. Trick or treat? There is no wrong answer when wearing eyeshadow contact lenses.

We also have other sections like  blue lenses for brown eyes, blue lenses for brown eyes, and costume blue that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!


Our colored contact lenses can come in a variety of durations. If you want to just wear our 1-day opaque contact lenses for one event, then that is available. If you plan on using the opaque lenses to change the color of your eyes more frequently, then we have 90-day and 1-year colored contact lens options available for you!

It can be a little shocking how much difference a change in eye color makes. Dark eyes are the most common, so you wouldn’t be blamed for wanting to swap them out for something a bit more exciting. Color contacts let you play with your look without permanently changing your appearance as they come in a huge variety of colors including those that complement light and dark brown eyes as well as gray, green and blue eyes too.

Covering your dark eye colored eyes can be a challenge, but our Tri Tone lenses make the process easy. The natural contacts feature three different colors for most realistic finish possible, including a brown limbal ring and brown inner ring to work with your brown eyes. The main iris colors consist of strong pigmentation that makes sure your newly found eye shade will stand out in all light conditions!

You can use our Virtual Mirror to virtually try on the Tri Tone lenses for dark eyes by uploading an image of yourself and previewing the results. When you discover the perfect look, save it to revisit later on when you decide to order so you don’t have to keep redoing your makeup every time you stop by in person!

With such a range of fantastic ophthalmologists near me now open to you, it may be overwhelming thinking about where to begin when it comes to caring for your eyesight. Here are some great options available to you:
Blue eye contacts – The perfect color option if you want something that’s not too unnatural looking. Blue eye contacts come in a variety of varieties which all have their own unique shades and strengths. Some of the most popular blue contacts are blue one-tones, tri-tones, and solars! The former being the lightest and the latter being the darkest.

Hazel contact lenses – You can find a variety of shades out there ranging from very light colored hazel lenses that simply enhance your natural eye color. Or you can go with a darker version to give your eyes a nice subtle hazel tint. What’s most important is choosing the right shade for your dark eyes. Hazel contact lenses with brown or black tones are ideal if you want to make a subtle change . If you want more dramatic results , colored contacts in golden, copper and chocolate shades will also work well .
Green eye contacts – usually natural green eyes can be dull in color but these green colored contacts are more vibrant. It has a tri tone which features small amounts of brown to provide that natural look of an iris. You can also swap between a natural green and a bright green for parties to really stand out.

UV Contacts – These blinking, multi-colored contacts are perfect for any rave or dance club occasion if you’re looking to make a bold statement. The UV reactive lenses will help draw people’s eyes to your unique look, whether it’s because they can’t figure out why your eyes are shining brighter than the neon lights or they simply want to party with their own set of UV Contacts!

Sclera Contact Lenses – These contacts cover your entire eye and provide a solid color to give the illusion of an entirely different color. They’re best suited for use during Halloween or in theatrical events when someone may be trying to convey a scary look, such as that of an undead man, or evil princess.


If you’re looking for colored contacts that are specifically designed for dark eyes, then you should not look any further than the low prices and great quality products available here! We carry authentic brands that are approved, ensuring that you’ll receive lenses made with safe materials. These contacts are offered in varying sizes to ensure both comfort and optimal vision correction.

When you’re looking for contacts of any kind, you are sure to find the option that’s best suited regardless of whether you are looking for lenses that are more of a daily wear or ones that will change your eye color for a longer time period. If you’re looking for more natural colors, then it is possible to have your eyes changed on a more permanent basis with continual use. On the other hand, if choosing something less long-lasting is what interests you most, certain colored eye contact lenses are intended to last only about 5-6 days at a time before they need to be renewed so as not impact your vision too much.

WantLens has some really great colored contact lenses for dark eyes. Trying a new look is not that hard at WantLens because of our premium lens manufacturing process. So try on the best looking colored contacts today by visiting us online.