Enhance Full Tint Colored Contact Lenses


Enhance your eyes with Enhance Tint Contact Lenses. These special colored contacts provide eye color enhancement without changing the natural look and feel of your eyes.

There is no doubt that contact lenses can be an attractive option when shopping for cosmetic solutions to enhance natural beauty. The problem with many contact lense retailers is the fact they only worry about how a product looks and fails to put much emphasis on customer satisfaction. This can be disappointing when looking for a product from which you hope to achieve realistic results.Want Lenses re passionate about their products because they truly care about the health of their customers! As stated on the Want Lens website, at Want Lens, safety is top priority which is why we ensure all products meet your needs across all areas.

In our opinion, it’s a common misconception that eyeglass frames play a role in people getting less than 3 hours of sleep. Eyeglass frames mainly have to do with the amount of time spent staring at digital screens, which is usually the most disruptive force for sleep quality in today’s fast-paced society. At Glasses Shop we offer an amazing variety of designer eyeglass frames from which you can choose if you wish to sport these pairs every day instead of resorting to wearing contact lens lenses. Of the thousands of styles out there one of the most well-liked pairs is our pair of designer glasses known as Metal Smith glasses.

We also have other sections like ultra uv contact lenses, vampire contact lenses, and witch contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!


Enhancement Tint Contact Lenses are colored contact lenses that complement your natural eye color. The lenses provide a full coverage of your pupils and iris while only providing a hint to your vision. By enriching the already beautiful eye colors, the user gains an overall more defined look and feel with these enhancement contacts which can be worn on their own or as part of multiple cosmetic looks.


Visually, enhancing makeup products are intended to offer a subtle enhancement of your natural eye color. The pros of wearing enhancing eye makeup are that it can add a subtle splash of color without being so bold as to be noticeable. A truly natural finish can be achieved when using the products in this category, as opposed to full-coverage makeup which many use for practices during theatrical and cinematic productions.

Chromaview Enhance Full Tint Contact Lenses are colored contact lenses in a full-tint design. The lenses feature an opaque color that will darken the natural coloring of your eyes and add only a bit of color to your iris. When used correctly, these lenses can transform any natural eye color, but we recommend them for light eyed users as they play up bright eyes and make them pop against your skin complexion.

These Chromaview iBlends tinted contacts feature innovative and enhancing designs as well as an outstanding material composition. A favorite among contact lens wearers around the world, you can count on the tinted contacts to provide a superior level of comfort during wear. As reusable lenses, these iBlends will continue to provide outstanding levels of comfort even after their initial use. Their higher water content means that your eyes will feel fresh and hydrated for longer than with typical cosmetic contacts.


Colored contacts have been around for decades. There are a few different kinds such as soft colored lenses that enhance your eye color, non prescription colored contacts, and natural-looking lenses. Soft contacts are less noticeable than the other two. Although, you can also buy colored contact lenses in either prescription or non-prescription varieties for short sighted vision.


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Blue Enhance Full Tint – Embrace ruby red lips and an intense sapphire color when you enhance your eyes with a vibrant blue shade. Experience a complete transformation within minutes. This full tint style is recommended for creating the best possible full impression and is perfect for achieving dark, beautiful eyes !

Aqua Enhance Full Tint – The aqua full tint contact lenses feature a light and subtle color that is especially well suited for light eye color and it provides a distinctive, fashion-forward look.

Green Enhance Full Tint – For the most beautiful jade green eyes, we recommend the Green Enhance Tint Contacts. They’re ideal for people looking for a natural alternative to colored contacts.

Emerald Enhance Full Tint – If you’re looking for a pair of light green enhancement tinted contacts that will take your blue eyes to new heights, consider our Emerald Enhance Full Tint.

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