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Colored contact lenses are the best way to spice up your fancy dress costume or just add some extra pizzazz to any nighttime outing. The first thing you’ll want to decide, however, is which of our inspired shades suits your personality and various fashion choices! We invite you to take a look at our full selection of colored contact lenses for costumes, parties and events as well as our exciting new collection of 3D special effect contacts!


If you’re still not sure how to do a secret Santa gift exchange, then don’t worry because our guide to gifting will show you how to do it properly! Santa is responsible for all of the presents under the Christmas tree, and if companies are doing their job perfectly well during the year, then stopping by with gifts wrapped in brown paper and a hot cup of cocoa is all that is needed. Depending on who drew your name from Santa’s big list, you should buy them an accessory or something that they wouldn’t have thought of buying for themselves. After finding out what your coworker or manager enjoys, going with one specific colored contact lense such as blue eyeshadow should match up perfectly.


One of the most popular times of the year in Europe to buy contact lenses is during Carnival season because some events take place all over Europe during February. If you are planning a costume so you can get involved with Carnival, make sure you choose some funky contact lenses to give your costume an extra boost. This fun and eccentric spectacle will bring added power to your costumes if done correctly and that’s why we recommend not missing out on a pair of carnival contact lenses from this page .


Holiday events, whether it be a fancy dress party or simply an office function, are wonderful opportunities to get dressed up! Colored lenses are a great way to give your party wear the perfect finishing touch. The New Year’s Eve Contact Lens Collection feature s several shimmering styles that will instantly add a fun look under the festive lights.

If you’re tired of always wearing the same makeup look at your New Year’s parties, how about trying these colorful UV contact lenses that come in a rainbow of colors? These contacts allow you to have fun with your makeup and nails while enjoying party attendees admiring your sense of style! Check out our full selection of festive contact lenses here.


Contact lenses can add the needed sparkle to your Christmas outfit or holiday party outfit. Whether you need brilliant blues for a Christmas party costume or whether you need deep reds for a Hanukkah performance, there are plenty of choices out there including prescription and non-prescription styles.


Show everyone how fun you can be this Halloween! Colored lenses are popular with kids like you and me, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to have some fun and join in on the spirit of this once-a-year holiday.

With a huge variety of colors and designs available you can easily turn yourself into a terrifying zombie, vampire, witch, werewolf or demon. With a pair of Halloween contact lenses, you could make your costume even scarier in an instant. Or you can simply choose colored contacts that brighten up your already scary look!

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  • Halloween contact lenses with prescription: View here


Cosplayers love how special and unique being able to perfectly match their costumes makes them feel. This is why Cosplay contact lenses are becoming so popular with Cosplayers who want to be the very best at what they do.

From the anime style to regular natural look, there are now so many different colored contacts for one to choose from. Whether you’re using them for cosplay or just for fun, it’s important to make sure that you’re buying from a reputable seller like us with Approved products as there are often concerns about wearing Cosplay contact lenses.


Have you ever thought about what it’d be like to wear an actual national flag on your face? Would you wear a British Red Lions flag for example? Well if so, here’s what you’re looking for! These fun novelty contact lenses will let everyone know which team you’re supporting and make sure that people are asking where you got those cool eyes from. If things don’t go your way when wearing our sporty contact lenses, just remember – there’s no such thing as failure, only feedback!

Please note that we do not recommend wearing our contact lenses if you plan on participating in any sports activity.

There are all kinds of events where you could try a pair of special occasion contact lenses. If you love to stand out and want to be a trend-setter then why not add a pair of occasion contacts at your next event for a totally unusual look?