Feeling underwhelmed with your appearance at Comiccon? Grumpy that you didn’t stand out in the crowd of other cosplayers despite spending hours in the make-up room? Roll up! We’ve got just what you need to turn things around when representing your favourite characters next time – colourful contact lenses! Not only are they available in dozens of “outstanding” designs, but our prices can make any budget look twice before checking which is their favourite.

Still not convinced? We’re making it easier for you to decide! Cosplay contacts are the perfect way to take your look from normal to otherworldly in an instant. Looking for a dramatic new look that will complement your costume? Whether you’re looking to dye your Cosplay black, red, or white smoke lenses can help you create intricate designs that stand out from the crowd and grab the audience’s attention! In fact, if any detail can make or break a costume it is these as no one wants to see a half-baked job. After all, frequent cosplayers know that the devil is in the details!

We also have other sections like long duration colored contacts , waterproof contact lenses for swimming, and creeper contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!

Transform Your Look In The Blink of An Eye!

Whether you’re on your way to a comic convention, on the hunt for the perfect costume for Halloween or trying to inject some new life into an old outfit, WantLens has the most interesting and unique cosplay contact lenses available online. Whether you want to look like your favorite character from movies, series or comics or simply spice up an outfit you’ve had lying around in the closet for too long, our collection of cheap cosplay contact lenses will help you do just that. These colored contacts are not only extremely comfortable thanks to their high quality but they’ll quickly become your favorite accessory thanks to their vintage designs, vivid colors and outstanding visual effects that will never fail to turn heads!

Want to make a stellar first impression? Nothing gets noticed like a good costume and amazingly created accessories. Become the life of the party with some pair of these awesome colored cosplay lenses. Complete your outfit and left your audience speechless as you show off your killer fashion sense that’s functional as well as fashionable by using some epic photo-realistic cosmetic contact lenses to give your image an extra zing! Feel like striking out on your own to create a unique look all on your own?

Have you ever wanted to cosplay your favourite characters but didn’t know how to quite get the look right? We offer quality costume contact lenses on our website, WantLens. To find the right contacts for you all you need to do is select what glamour or costume style you want – be it an evil sorceress, catlike eyes, or even a pair of dewy eyed doe for cute innocent looks – and search through our wide selection.

If you’re not into anime or manga, you might just still think they’re weird and want to try something fresh instead. Take a look at our colored lenses collection which features classic anime design and character lenses which would be easily adapted to your preferred costume choice or just for daily wear. Cosplay fashion lenses are the perfect companion for cosplay enthusiasts allowing you to recreate the aesthetics of your favourite characters in detail.

Whether you’re looking for super funky coloured contacts for cosplay, or just to spice things up a bit, our team have got you covered! Not only are our lenses safe to put into your eyes, they’re non-prescription so there are no crazy restrictions when it comes to wearing your new colour contacts. With an easy ordering process in place, not only can you order in a few simple clicks, but the delivery even comes with express shipping which means you’ll be able to achieve that focus on your next cosplay character in no time at all.

We offer eye colors that are suitable for dark colored eyes too. Our contact lenses are made to full fill all your needs and provide you with natural colors that will complete your look. No matter what the occasion is, Richly pigmented colors will do the job and create an elegant feel to you, emphasizing your personal style! You can also buy cosplay contacts for dark eyes here – they block most of the light around you so they are great if it’s hard for you to see what people around you look like using regular lenses. An unique feeling of solitude will come over you as though no one else exist but only players of the game.

Choosing Your Perfect Pair

Whether you’re looking for colored contacts that will complement your Halloween costume or something to wear on a special night out, our incredible collection is sure to leave you spellbound! Of course the products we provide come in different designs and colors so you can select one that fits your unique style perfectly. If you’re only after colored contacts that will last the night, our single-use 1 day contact lenses are what you need! You might also want to try some new single use 3 day contacts for 3 whole days of trippy eyes.

However, if you’re preparing for multiple fancy dress parties this season (particularly over the Halloween or holiday period) , then it may be worth investing in an accessory that you can reuse time and time again. For example, why not try out some 90-day reusable colored contacts? We understand that even 90 days of use might not be enough for regular cosplayers (or those looking to make an impact all year round), so we also offer reusable contacts that last for 1 year. That way, you can practice your crazy eye contact ideas on everyone else around you!

Itching to get your lenses? Our speedy shipping options can have you seeing clearer in no time! International customers can get their lenses in 10-15 days and our US customers can choose from various next day delivery options, perfect for those last minute parties and events or if you just need a fresh look and don’t want to sacrifice comfort in order to achieve it!

Looking to buy colorful contact lenses? Check out our amazing range of styles and prices! We ship very quickly and we’ll make sure you’re an extremely pleased customer – once you shop with us, you won’t want to shop anywhere else.