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Contact lenses are a great way to spice up your outfit and express your personality, but they can also be pretty expensive. At Allaboutvision you’ll find a huge variety of colored or printed contact lenses at incredibly low prices. Furthermore all our prices are displayed inclusive of German VAT charged on orders from customers within Germany.

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings, or something similar you’ll probably love these. They really do cover up your natural eye color and add some style to your costume. Since they are made with such opaque coverage, when looking at these contact lenses for dark eyes it is often hard to see where your natural eyes end and the lens begins. A downside to this is that depending on how wide the pupil on these Cosplay contact lenses is they may appear to have black or another unnatural color around the edges of your iris rather than looking like a solid color. So keep in mind if you want them to look perfect then one may not get much better than wearing these but if you’re just looking for something fun and different maybe choose a more subtle colored design instead.”

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You can do a lot with contacts. You can practically redesign your appearance and give yourself an entirely new look. The most interesting contact styles to collect tend to have something to do with the occult. There’s something super attractive about mysterious looks that give others the impression that there is more going on behind those dark lenses than pure aesthetic appeal. There are quite a few men out there as well who like putting on women’s sunglasses and contact lenses in order to play with their look for a day or two (you can even try it out now by signing up for our next newsletter here). It’s fun! 🙂

Blind Contact Lenses- these lens designs have the advantage of covering both the outer iris and inner pupil parts of the eye. This can create a truly unnerving effect as, especially with styles of white contact lenses, you have a visually colorless opaque eye.

Mini Sclera Contact Lenses -For the most accurate color, best comfort and widest field of vision available on our store, these lenses are the way to go. There is enough space in the design of this contact lens to create stunning visuals which should not affect your field of vision during wear.

Mesh Effect Contact Lenses – Hailing from the land of the rising sun, Takagi Contact Lenses’ kabura monbu kai colored contacts provide an almost translucent, yet opaque cat-eye look in your eyes! They’re unusual, yet subtle at the same time and surely make for a great addition to any cosplay enthusiast’s collection. We love those kaburas!

Choosing colored lenses is always a fun and exciting process. You might be looking to suit your unique personal style or just want something to give yourself a mid-season boost! There are many colors available, including: Black, red, brown and more! Our color contacts provide you with the opportunity to change your look in seconds. These lenses will help you show off your creativity whether it’s for a special event like going out on the town or for an everyday look that brings about a great sense of individual style. Opaque lens colors are designed for more extravagant looks; such as monsters, aliens and occult themes. If you’re interested in cosplaying (aka costuming/role-playing) any kind of character from a cult classic movie, video game, anime or comic book then opaque colors are definitely the way to go!


It should be noted that some styles including opaque contact lenses with a clear pupil may partially obscure your vision. Please note this before wearing these colored contact lenses as once opened and worn you will be unable to return these contact lenses. Other kinds of opaque tint lens have a dark pupil so your vision will not be obscured. However, this can sometimes result in the lens being visible to your eye if your pupils are widely dilated or constricted.

Many people looking for the best full eye lenses look to get full-width sclera contact lenses. These are designed to cover the entirety of your iris, pupil and sclera. They’ve been used by SFX makeup artists and costume fanatics again and again who love using these to help recreate the scariest looks conceivable, which is a great replacement if you’re costume shopping for Halloween costumes or something similar. Colors of this style typically include black, red, green and various others that should be great for Halloween costumes or any other costume event where you want your eye makeup to pop!

When selecting lenses for one’s eyes using the scale found in Project Viewer, one can see a series of words such as ‘vibrant,’ or ‘enhancing.’ The word found at the end of these phrases denotes how much or little the natural color of your eyes will be visible while the contacts are worn. If you have previous experience wearing contacts on a day to day basis, this grading system can make all the difference in finding what type works best for you!

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