The style conscious can transform their look with Contact Lenses. Adding variety to monotone eyes, vibrant eye lenses offer a level of opacity that covers more of your natural iris. Offering a range of styles to select from, wear with confidence as you channel an alluring new look every day.

If you’re shopping for blue, green or any other colored contacts, a good starting point is considering your current eye color. Colored contacts can really make the rest of your features stand out to create a vivid and eye-catching look. At Colored Contacts we know how important colored contacts truly are because it’s essential to understand how they can complete one’s look and provide an aesthetic that accentuates both their physicality and personality. That’s why we have created this guide so that everyone who reads it can be better informed when choosing their new colored contacts transformation!

We also have other sections like mesh screen contact lenses, crow contact lenses, and demon eye contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!


When you wear contact lenses, there are a number of elements that go beyond just selecting the right style of contacts. You also have to consider your natural eye size, eye shape (from aspherical to monoculus), contact lens material and color options so as to ensure you’re getting the full experience out of your lenses. Luckily at Want Lens we’ve tried to make this process easier by classifying our premium range of contact lenses into three main categories:

If you’re looking for a full set of vibrant contacts to add some color and excitement to your look, we recommend browsing the EverColor Love contacts. In terms of what sets this style apart from other options in our range so will find that although it has a similar design to the rest of the vibrant set, this particular lens comes with one distinctive difference: a gradient effect on the rest of the iris. From light at the top they gradually darken as they hit the bottom, creating an overall impression that gives your eyes an illusion-like appearance. Depending on how much color you want some versatility with your lenses, we also sell our One Tone and Glitter ranges in vents from subtle hints of color all the way up to over-the-top transformations – For example:

At Want Lens we pride ourselves on having the largest and most exciting range of vibrant color contacts, providing a fantastic array of Two Tone, Tri Tone and Freshlook Color Blends options. If you’re after an extremely natural look that is proven to give you a large amount of coverage, our amazing Freshlook Color Blends lenses are the perfect solution!

Colored contact lenses are meant to make your eyes stand out – and our range of colors goes well beyond black, white and blue. Both subtle colors and more vibrant ones can bring attention to you in many different ways during special occasions. Using a peaceful green for brown or hazel eyes could let you keep warm yet intellectual appeal into your gaze, while hypnotic blues make an appearance work when staring into someone else’s eyes. If you want to be bolder, try a yellow hazel or a grey color that ensures that you have an intense look that is hard to escape from. It may not matter what eye color is used with these unique colors, because they offer enough differentiating effects that they’re sure to catch attention quickly!


When it comes to making a final decision about which pair of colored contacts lenses from Lovejoy Lenses to choose, the first factor that you should consider is the type of color. While the vibrant range might be ideal for makeup, costume or cosplay related applications there are other product lines available within our catalogue including Korea & iD Collection that might suit your tastes better depending on your style preferences and intended application without being too dramatic in design. Korea&iD Large Colour Lens are known specifically for their color-inclusive effect but also contain a lot more hues as compared to the vibrant color contact lens line. Interestingly many customers find that they look natural yet tend to stand out because of the extensive range of lens designs used across this collection.

Grey Circle Lenses – See our range of light and dark grey colored contacts available in an array of vibrant iris styles. These grey circle lenses are for natural looking color as well as for cosplay, costumes and making eyes look much larger!

Vibrant Blue Contact Lenses – Our Aqua blue contact lenses are made from superior grade polymer and are suitable for ANYONE looking for a fun way to brighten up their eye color.

Brown Contact Lenses – Honey Color Contact lenses are available in a wide range of shades so you can get the honey color you prefer. With brown contact lenses, it’s easy to match with any outfit or natural eye color!

We have a lifestyle scale for you to decide what eyewear best fits your style. We have blogs available in case you need the knowledge to pick out a pair of dark lenses . This will help determine what kind of frame best questions your eyeglasses.