Colored Circle Contact Lenses


Looking for a special accessory that will add flair to an outfit and complement your style? If you’re into cosplay, dress up, or costume play, we have the perfect item to spruce up any get-up: Circle lenses! Not only do these lenses make a great cosmetic addition for Halloween or night time events like raves and Mardi Gras (or even red carpets!), but they’re also what we call “fashion” lenses.

These don’t require wearers to take out their contacts every night before bed. Instead, they’re designed to stay in place while wearers sleep and then be easily washed and disinfected shortly thereafter–no hassle!

These circle-shaped contact lenses serve as your one-stop shop for a glossy new look. They’ll make you look like you have bigger eyes, but fret not! It’s only an optical illusion! These circle lens are composed of a bigger outer black circle that may appear to enlarge the size of your iris. Circle lenses are known to make your style stand out by giving you an alluring appearance with that little something extra.

While they give the false impression of enlargement, colored contacts do not change how big or small your eye looks, but rather they change the color of your iris only. The space between the black ring and the center is important for fitting them into your eyes comfortably, but should never be considered part of the diameter measurement.

Offering a wide variety of colored contacts in both solid and blended-fashion options, WantLens is the choice for even the most adventurous of Cosplayers. Our previous collection was limited in choice but with our latest addition, our selection has been boosted to include cosplay-approved circle lenses, which are non-prescription in nature – giving you greater opportunity to experiment with your look.

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What Types of Circle Contact Lens Are There?

Some of our most popular circle style lenses include:

  • Dolly Lenses
  • Big Eye Lenses
  • Black/White/Red Mini Sclera

What’s so great about our circle lenses is that they look so natural and realistic. They come in a variety of sizes and color, and you can even choose if you want to blend with your eye color or go for the completely contrasting look!

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When Can I Wear Colored Circle Contact Lenses?

When you’re buying colored contacts from us, you know that they will be one of a kind. They can be worn for parties, costumes, or even going to work! You’ll look beautiful in whatever you wear them with, and make a statement. These unique lenses are perfect for boosting your confidence and bringing your outfit to the next level of cool!

Here you will find all of the ways that you can cosplay to achieve that illusion of having an eye-catching gaze, be it into that of a waking dead person or just to achieve that spooky look for Halloween! We have mini sclera lenses to help complete your zombie inspired attire and other contact lenses too. Be sure to check out the rest of our website to find more fun ideas for Halloween so you can pull off the perfect costume this year!

For those looking to show off their new eyes on a regular basis, we offer non-prescription lens durations! With 1 day, 30 days, 90 days and even a year in between you and your cosmetic lenses, you can be sure that whatever duration is right for you will let you commit to whatever style suits your personal desires whenever it is the best time for them to appear.

We take great pride in providing you with the latest circle lens designs live on our website. It is important that all of our lenses are always above par just like you, and we make sure each of them is crafted with approved material, free from any animal components beyond maybe some beeswax for sticking it together.

The raw ingredients of our circle lens range are organically made and contain chemical substances, the likes of which will never be found on an ingredient label (guaranth, lactose). We feel confident that by removing these substances from ever setting foot near your eyes you will feel more protected than protected with your vision always first!

How to Care For You Circle Contact Lenses

Always keep your contact lenses in a suitable and safe lens case. This will help keep them away from any bacteria and keep them clean and hygienic for longer. Always remember to wear latex gloves and wash your hands thoroughly and regularly when you handle lenses so that there is no transfer of germs, which could cause infections. Also remember to purchase new cleaning solution regularly so that it remains at optimum strength for use!

So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective, reliable, and stylish way to spice up your peepers in order to create an almost ethereal yet funky style of look – circle lenses are the answer! With their subtle exploitation of the iris, these realistic, elegant, and attractive lenses will have people second guessing your look for years to come! What are you waiting for? Check out our extensive range of circle lenses available here at WantLens! 🙂