It is essential to keep your contact lenses clean, as well as store them properly. If you don’t, it’s possible for your eyes to become infected or develop an unpleasant odor.

Want Lense sells a variety of lens care products but our most popular is the 60ml Eye Care Solution. This travel size bottle will help you pack lightly for your holiday or comic con event. If you use contacts regularly, it’s recommended that you purchase a larger bottle or several 60ml bottles. For those who wear costume contact lenses or change their eye color to occasionally, this size is sure to come in handy.

The contact lens solution price ensures you can use more than one bottle without worrying about the cost. The inexpensive price reflects our commitment to keeping your eyes safe and healthy. Our cheap contact lens solution has all the ingredients necessary for keeping your lenses disinfected and clean. There is also a resealable cap so that it stays clean and germ-free.

You may be concerned about buying lens solution from online retailers but we can assure you at Want Lens that the products are safe to use and approved. CE approval ensures you it’s been tested by an official body which makes sure it meets minimum standards of quality, safety and balance.

The contact lens solution ingredients vary based on the product you’re using. Most contain boric acid which actively fights fungus and disinfects your lenses. The contact lens solution with boric acid will make sure that your contacts don’t have any unwanted microorganisms growing in them!

Many people have no idea as to how different types of lens cleaning solutions are produced. However, we know that there are two main products that help with keeping your contact lenses safe for use. Those products include fluorescein sodium and sodium hyaluronate. Fluorescein sodium is a saline solution which will rinse your lenses so you can more easily insert them into your eyes. A lot of the time, it’ll even leave behind some moisture between you and the contact lenses which will make sure they stay moist and do not cause any irritation on your end either. Sodium hyaluronate is also a type of saline solution which contains specific cleansing agents that keep your contact lenses safe while in use while also having some anti-bacterial properties as well!

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In order to get ready to wear your contacts, you can soak them in a solution. If you happen to be handling any of your contact lens related products, such as the lens case or solution bottle, make sure that your hands are clean. After you have removed the safety lid on the contact lens solution bottle, try to immerse each product into its own container of solution in order to clean it. Thereafter place the lens in your case and cover it with fresh solution and allow to sit overnight until you put them back in during the following morning.

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It’s always recommended to carry a lens solution with you in case you wish to clean your lenses. Otherwise, buy a carrying case. Always clean your lenses as soon as they are out of your eyes and you’ll be able to reuse them!

It is important to remember that contact lenses, particularly those used for longer term wear, must be properly cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis. If you wear daily lenses, then it is your responsibility to clean them prior to use and dispose of them in your household trash after one day of wear only . This ensures the lenses will remain safe for use.

Contact lens care is an essential aspect of prolonged contact lens wear. All contact solution brands will provide users with different usage instructions. Please ensure to check the bottle for information about how long one should soak their lenses and the appropriate amount of solution to use when soaking. It is most common for individuals to soak their lenses for at least 2 hours before using them but this duration can vary depending on whether dust and debris are present on the lenses.

The contact lens solution at Colored Contacts is effective for cleaning and storing contact lenses, as well as rinsing and disinfecting. Don’t forget to consult with an optometrist before wearing these handy contact lens solutions.