Ok, so we know that changing the color of your eyes to a completely different shade can be a very big change. We assure you that there are many trendy and attractive interests that come along with trying something new like blue contacts. If you’re worried about the size or shape of your own eyes then this could be an excellent choice because these colored contacts don’t tend to leave people with vision disabilities! Check out all style of contacts for sale at great prices including weird contact lenses!

Each pair of lenses in our collection is perfect for cosplay. You might have been looking to try on some blue colored contact lenses, this is the perfect choice. If you’ve yearned for different ways to make your eyes pop baby blue, our products will help you achieve it easily! For those who are on the lookout for light blue colored contacts visit this dedicated Aqua Contact Lenses section right away!

If you’re looking for something darker, check out the rich sapphire and royal blue hues which work really well with deeper shades of blue contact lenses. These styles offer bold yet natural looks that enhance your natural eye color without overpowering it. Some styles offer hints at other shades like green, grey and even white for ice-crystal effects. Blue colored contacts let you express yourself in entirely new ways.

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If you are looking for cosmetic blue contacts then look no further than our site! We have an expansive collection of natural looking blue contact lenses that can be applied on both prescription or non-prescription lenses. If you’re looking to keep it natural, but with a little more pop, there are loads of designs which will replicate the look of a perfectly normal eye color on others!

Customers love the new blue lenses in our collection! Many of them ask us what it’s like to see with blue eyes, and we have a lot of fun answering. But most customers come in asking for a more subtle look with a contact lens that isn’t too over the top. It was important for us to offer both options, and luckily we did because there are plenty of blue contacts that aren’t bright or overly vibrant. Check out our most popular blue cosmetic contact lenses below:

Blue One Tone – one of our Blue One Tones ranges – are tinted contact lenses including designs with limbal rings to give your gaze a subtle blue coloration. There are flecks of color in these contact lenses, too, adding more depth and intensity to when you step out wearing them. By adding these Blue One Tone contact lenses , your eyes can have a clean, smooth effect all day long!

Blue Mystic Two Tone – the mystical style of these contacts gives a more noticeable effect than One Tone lenses. These blue lenses are hugely popular as they offer plenty of coverage over darker eye colors. If you’re looking to do something different with your look, you can’t go wrong with this contact lens style!

If you are looking for prescription coloured contact lenses, you can browse through our corrective designs. We have everything from bold designs to natural styles. If you are short-sighted or long-sighted, rest easy knowing that we carry blue colour contact lenses as well.


While our products listed at affordable prices, they are still durable and above all else effective. Because of this, we continually conduct testing on every product to ensure the highest health standards are met for each of our clients. That’s why you can be assured that you will be receiving great value when working with us.

Our cheapest single use options include our various blue colored contacts. These modern and highly fashionable lenses are perfect for daily makeover enthusiasts, or people who want to refresh their look on a regular basis. These are often available in multipacks.

If you want your blue contacts to last a little longer, they can be purchased with 90 day or 1 year durations. The only extra charge would be for the extended wear lenses which you can reuse multiple times without worry of eye infection. But make sure you keep them clean by using proper solution between uses.


One of the many great things we offer, along with our natural contact lenses and Halloween styles is a large variety of coloured contacts. We never want to forget about special occasions like Halloween! If you really want your new costume or look to stand out, then a pair of bright blue coloured contacts is sure to do just that!

Blue can be a great color to wear at Halloween, as it is the color of many famous characters and celebrities such as Jim Carrey, Brad Pitt and Andrew Garfield. To replicate the look of these famous horrifying characters, you should try to find a pair of colored eye lenses that give off an icy or nautical feel.


When you come to us for colored contacts, you’re not just getting great products at affordable prices. You are also getting the experience that comes with doing business with a supplier that has been around long enough to know how all of the pieces of your order fit together.

Blue contact lenses is often said to be the best match for those that have fair skin, lighter or blonde hair. Whilst it is always beneficial to match your eye color to your complexion, there’s no reason why you can’t throw out the rule book and pick up the new color you’ve always wanted to try out!