Looking for a little something to complete the look of your costume? We’ve got you covered with our super-spooky Gothic contact lenses. Contacts Lenses are a great way to make a statement at a fancy dress party, for Halloween or a cosplay event – so let your inner goth shine through!

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When you’re looking for a way to be the centre of attention at your next big event, make sure you include some gothic colored lenses in the mix because people will be sure to notice them! From full sclera designs to mesh and UV reactive, you’ll find countless ways to make your look stand out whether it involves elaborate costumes or other eye-catching accessories. Be your gothic self like never before when you choose any pair of spooky eye wear for all kids of surprising occasions.

Now you don’t have to choose whether or not you want your eye colour to be green or blue! You can have both. Our range of lens colour includes two popular colours – green and blue as well as these classic lenses’ more subdued alternative: brown – so now we’ve got the choice, we’ve got freedom and we’ve even got a scarily gothic heart design that will turn up any look! Perfect for: Goths and those who think they’re vampires!

Colored Contacts comes with the best quality lenses that are very durable and come in an array of eye-catching colors. You won’t find better lenses than these for costumes, cosplay outfits or any other formal event. No need to restrict your new look to Halloween!

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Regardless of what kind of colored contact lenses you choose to purchase, when you order from WantLens, be comforted in the knowledge that all of our contacts are non-prescription. This means that you can switch things up however much time suits your fancy! But just to be safe, it’s not a bad idea to visit an optician or optometrist before you order dark circle makeup in order to have your eyes verified for suitability in regards to looking through colored contacts.

WantLens has updated its range of coloured contact lenses and we’re excited to announce that we now have a choice of lenses for lighter and darker-coloured eyes. These updated lenses allow us to offer even more natural and realistic coloured contacts because the colours blend perfectly with all eye colours and skin tones.

Want to look like your favorite gothic character for the night? Our 1 day, single-use lenses are a fast and easy way to make it happen. These lenses make you step out of your usual character and throw you into an adventure that’s fitting for all gothic fans – you’ll be sure to love them! Wear these one day contacts with anyone of your favorite outfits (or even no outfit at all) for an edgy feeling that isn’t only entertaining but also beautiful.

It never hurts to perfect your look, but you only have so much money and time to work with unfortunately. We know how it is when someone else wants you to look a certain way. But hey, we have the perfect solution for you! Our one year lenses will give you enough time to live out your fantasy without worrying about your gothic look wearing off anytime soon. How great is that? Besides, who doesn’t love having options?!

You’ll never have to travel around town to look for fancy dress accessories at shops that sell costumes and ugly sweaters because we offer an extensive range of goth accessories here at WantLens. Even if you live outside the US or Europe, we can ship your coloured contacts anywhere in the world as long as there is a postal centre nearby. We also offer fantastic value for money, and our next day delivery service means we can send out your contact lenses very quickly should you ever need them urgently.