If you have been considering changing your appearance lately, why not try enhancing it with our contact lenses? We know that natural beauty is a powerful force to be reckoned with, and we understand if you want to stand out from the crowd. We recommend taking your look to the next level by standing out from the crowd! If so, then why not dive into our incredible selection of cosmetic contact lenses? Now you can finally shine and stand out like your natural beauty was always meant for!

Colored Contacts is driven by a passion and eye for enhancing natural beauty. We’re here to offer you a beautiful new pair of eyes and help you change your life for the better! Whether you want some color enhancing contacts to brighten up your eyes, are looking for lenses with which you can change your everyday look or want real cosmetic contact lenses to accentuate special occasions like parties or cosplays, we have an incredibly diverse range of styles that are sure to fit everyone!

We also have other sections like 10 pack contact lenses, yearly contact lenses, and waterproof contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!


The aim of our enhancing contacts is to really make your eyes pop. Sure, no one else can change their eye color on just a whim, but that doesn’t stop us from tempting others to do so with custom lenses worthy of their name! That’s right; we offer not only contacts that accentuate your natural eyes to give you that additional punch, but we also have those meant specifically for a certified makeover. You don’t need to actually dye or alter the color of your peepers if you have an appointment with us. Even if you decide not to alter anything else about yourself, this solution will take your appearance up a notch in mere minutes!

So if you’re sick of your old appearance and are desperately craving something new, what are you waiting for? At Crazy Contacts we stock colored contacts for brown eyes as well as other dark colors so that your newly upgraded eye color stands out perfectly! Whether you want an intense new look or perhaps just a tinted pair of lenses, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re still not convinced by Want Lens’ expansive range of non-prescription cosmetic contacts, we’ve put together a list that will totally change your mind! Check out our top 20 favorite types of enhancing contact lenses, guaranteed to help bring any look to life. We think this is just what you need to convert you!

Green Lenses – Green lenses are an excellent way to add some life to your look. A pair of our natural looking green contacts can completely change your eye color, leaving you looking different and diverse compared to everyone else around you. Not only will these vibrant lenses give you a unique appearance but they are also great for cosplay, parties and just in general helping you add a new dimension of uniqueness to whatever look you’re going for. (To know more about them check out the site.)

Blue Contact Lenses – Excuse us for this awful pun, but our blue contact lenses are nothing less than absolutely blue-tiful! Our range of blue colored contact lenses will certainly turn a few heads and make you look like you’ve just walked off a movie or television studio set. Similar to our green contacts, some of our pairs like the Blue Polaris ones can really give your eyes a sparkle and make you a little less recognizable!

Brown Contacts – If you’ve had blue, green or hazel eyes your whole life, you’re probably used to changing how people perceive you. Why not take it a step further and try out something totally different like brown contacts?

Love your blue eyes and don’t want to get rid of them? Try some colored contacts to spice things up and give them a new look!

We want to be sure that we can get you the color contact lenses you need and deserve, which is why we have a wide selection available. Now, if you’re looking for colored contacts – whether it be to intensify your current eye colors or completely change them – head on over to our page and find everything you could ever imagine and more.


If you’re looking to prettify your perspective, then Colored Contacts is the place for you! Ordering colored contacts online has never been easier, thanks to our user-friendly website that easily allows shoppers to find their perfect style and bring them into our store. We understand how important it is to not wait when it comes down to ordering a special item like these so we make sure we ship your contacts right away once they are received. So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re trying to increase the color of your eyes by one shade or want a more intricate look with many different shades and patterns, let us help transform the vision with our carefully chosen selection of colored contact lenses .

We know it can be hard to change. To break away from what’s familiar, and try something new. But with products like ours that are really cheap, you don’t need to worry about taking such a risk. With us you get quality at a great price. We’re not saying cheaper is better – we just think its important that our contact lenses are everything you could ever wish for, at the very cheapest prices possible! Because either way the only thing left for anyone to decide is: how many pairs?

If you’re still not convinced, then we’re also happy to say that we carry a wide variety of colored contact lenses and other related products that won’t need you to get a prescription from an eye doctor! We offer a fairly large selection containing all kinds of variety. In fact, most people can wear our contact lenses – because of this, there’s no need to worry about getting a prescription beforehand. Just keep in mind you should probably still visit an eye doctor before purchasing from us though. It’s just important to be as safe as possible with things like this!

So are you ready to take your eyes from drab to fab? Get the eye color of your wildest dreams – or simply take your current eye color to the next level with WantLens’ amazing array of colored lenses and contact lense accessories!