Prescription Colored Contacts


Need some new contacts that will really make you stand out? Colored Contacts has a wide range of colored contact lenses that will help you to achieve the eye colors you have always dreamed about. From pretty blue eyes to intense green, or even cool gray or brown eyes, we have everything here from our range of designer contact lenses with high-resolution graphics such as stars and speckles! We can even offer colored contacts UK prescription so if the idea of wearing specs doesn’t appeal to you, you can still wear your cool colored contacts just like your friends. And because we want everyone to be able to discover their inner star, most of our contact lenses for sale online are available at discounted prices!

If you’ve ever wished you could ditch your glasses for the day, it really is possible! Colored Contacts has an amazing new range of natural prescription colored contacts. There are so many styles to choose from. It’s totally up to you whether you want to enhance your natural eye color, or switch things up and go for something more dramatic. You will find something that appeals to your sense of style.

We don’t even know why, but every single time we want to buy a product, we end up bumping into the question: is this high-quality? Because that’s what you need really! We think more people would be rather concerned about their health and safety when they purchase products. Our colored contact lenses store has the best quality icons out there. Not only it is approved but also it will keep your eyes healthy and away from all sorts of issues.

We also have other sections like prescription natural , prescription red, and prescription white that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!


If you look at your natural eye color, what colors do you see? Have you got blue eyes with flecks of grey as if they were twinkling in the night sky? Maybe your eyes are pure brown like the earth or a deep green like dewy grass. Eye color is so diverse that the trick to finding natural colored contact lenses must lie within the small details.

For a pure eye color, the best option is to choose a prescription lens. These lenses are made up of just one color with slight shading for depth. This gives you an innocent, hypnotic look and especially if you choose bright colors like blue when picking out Vassen One Tone Prescription Colored Contact Lenses . We loved these lenses because they’re so beautiful which means you’ll basically have an easy time trying out new colors without it necessarily standing in attention. If you are looking for an accessory that will truly complete your outfit then you have found the perfect match with these lenses!

For extra natural looking lens style, nothing beats Prescription Tri-Tone lenses that feature a contrasting inner color for an extra sparkle. To make your eyes shine even brighter, take them for a spin across the room and see if their eye-catching glamour triggers their desire to stop you!


If you are looking to change your eye color from light to dark or vice versa, contact lenses for dark eyes may be what you’re after. We make sure all of our products are manufactured with the best quality in terms of lens clarity as well as consistent pigmentation – so that you’re guaranteed of a completely natural and worry-free experience. Whichever eye color you have, we provide contact lenses which will help you achieve a purely natural look again while providing your eyes with great comfort. Our service is reliable and trustworthy!

If you wear colored contacts, you might experience some discomfort after wearing them for a long period of time. Some people may find this as an issue in which case we suggest getting daily wear lenses that are thrown out after one use. But other customers find the idea of maintenance tiresome and just want to try several different colored lenses without much hassle with cleaning and care between uses. The 90 day or year-long lenses allow people to alter the color of their eyes more permanently with proper storage and use of eye drops designed specifically for contact lenses.

If you are new to using contact lenses, make sure to consult your eye doctor first. You’ll want to talk about which type of lenses are right for you and if you have the correct prescription. To help guide you towards what other customers consider to be a perfect fit for them, we have plenty of products on our website. We know that you may not be interested in something fancier such as natural prescription contact lenses but perhaps you’d prefer colored contact lenses Halloween. No worries! Whatever the occasion, Colored Contacts is here to help! We guarantee that our contacts are as high quality as even Boots or Specsavers!