You’re not afraid of really going for it, are you? And what better way to take your outfit from try-hard zero to fancy dress hero than with a pair of red and black contact lenses?

Animal contact lens designs are one of our most popular collections, allowing the wearer to unleash the beast! Whether you decide on a different species to lean into or simply an animalistic twist such as an animal pattern that adorns your lense, at Colored Contacts we guarantee high quality lenses that will deliver excellent coverage and will not fall off. With our suppliers who specialize in colored contact lens products, we aim to bring you the best in a cost-effective manner by providing top branded items imported from Germany. Your privacy is important to us which is why all orders are discreetly dispatched and packed. We also provide all of this at discounted prices. Browse our website today for a creative option for any wearable occasion!

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These unique contact lenses are an eye-catching as they are symbolic representing your ability to see everything around you in a different light. Just as these fine feathered creatures do, your gaze is likely to be stuck on the details of this design for quite some time!

One of the best times to buy them is when they go on sale at Halloween time. But you can wear these contacts whenever! If you want bring a little bit of scary costume flare to your next night out, if you’re going to a fancy dress party or something as simple as adding some alternative style to an ordinary night out on the town, then these black crow eye contacts are a great investment.

Our Crow contact lenses are available in various colors! From yellow crow lenses to white contacts, we have the perfect pair for you this Halloween. Why not pair some of our novelty Crow contacts with a black cloak and a crow hat for the complete look?

Colourful crow contact lenses work nicely against any skin tone, no matter what your natural eye colour is.


All of our colored contact lenses are made from high quality materials and are richly pigmented with color. They’re so reliable that they’ll make your own eye color shine!

Our contact lenses are a veritable smorgasbord of colors and can be worn comfortably over prescription peepers or in lieu of them alone. Shoppers who want to be different, colorful or funky can opt for a selection that gives you the look you want without worrying about quality because they’re safe and top quality brands are used to produce them. Available at cheap prices without compromising on quality, people can enjoy themselves as they accessorize their favorite looks with beautiful colored contacts from FashionFair.

Crow Lenses are completely reusable and cost-effective. They are suitable for people who regularly engage in Cosplay or those of us who attend many fancy dress parties.