Welcome to our range of soft colored contact lenses. Our colored contacts are hypo-allergenic and are thin and lightweight – providing superior comfort during wear. The high-quality materials and impressively high-water content of these contact lenses mean that they provide flawless comfort, as well as outstanding visual definition. Lenses will be delicate due to the thin profile, but the lightweight lens will be easier to insert and place onto your eye. Here’s everything you need to know about our super soft colored contact lenses:

These affordable colored lenses from are fun, simple to use and look great! Wear the soft contact lens by itself or with your favorite pair of sunglasses for a really bold statement. Perfect for those who want to try colored contact lenses without having to worry about aftercare and upkeep, these trendy contacts offer a cost-effective solution whilst adding instant glamour to any outfit. If you’re shopping for new colored contacts, look no further than our range of daily wear super soft want lens options including: Red Contact Lenses | Blue Contact Lenses | Green Contact Lenses.

We also have other sections like creeper contact lenses, 2 weeks contact lenses, and prescription contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!


With artificially-colored soft contact lenses, you can get the best of both worlds: style and comfort. Those looking for more expressive and dramatic designs will be especially pleased with our selection. If you have been searching for colored contact lenses in general, you’ll find that we offer a great range at affordable prices. Interested in tinted contact lenses? Stay tuned to view our other lenses by tonal category!

Approved medical-grade soft colored contact lenses have a number of sophisticated features that set them apart from other lesser brands. Indulge your vision with the comfort-focussed features below.

These lens have a high water content and hence offer ultra-soft comfort throughout wear. Unlike other types of contact lenses, these stay hydrated – even after longer wear – so your vision will remain clear and crisp, without any feeling of dryness or discomfort. If you need contact lenses with moisture control then look nowhere else other than what KellyVision has to offer.

High-Quality Materials – only the very best materials are used to make our colored contacts. These high-quality materials are effortlessly thin and provide an increased oxygen permeability that allows your eyes to breathe, even when you’re wearing contact lenses.

The daily and single-use nature of our contact lenses make them a perfect option for those who need to wear corrective lenses but also want to add a bit of style. We have a huge collection of Halloween contact lenses that you’re sure to love. These kinds of lenses are perfect for costume conventions and fancy dress parties because the contacts won’t be the least of your worries! Get the most comfortable and exciting experience by slipping on some of these crazy Cosplay designs or wild FX styles today!


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We’ve made stocking up a possibility with our soft contact lenses. Our multipacks include multiple pairs of colored contact lenses in a design such as the Blends collection, which includes ten different shades your eyes can’t seem to get enough of. We provide you with plenty of daily wear contact lens options, both for prescription and non-prescription strengths.

As we have said above, thin or lightweight contact lenses can make them easier to put in and wear. We always recommend that you take extra care when handling and inserting soft contact lenses as the thin materials can be easier to break when mishandled. If you are new to contact lenses and trying out a pair of thin dailies for the first time we highly recommend checking out our care guides for the full lowdown on how best to use your contact lenses! The guides cover everything from cleaning to putting in your contacts.

It’s easy to find stylish colored contacts that go with your look. We have competitive prices and great savings to reduce your overall cost without breaking the bank. With our next day shipping service and many free delivery options, we provide value for money so you can purchase contacts online.