Celebrate the American dream with a pair of USA Flag contact lenses. Featuring a vibrant blue, red and white print, the design incorporates a pixel-perfect replication of the 50 stars (representing 50 states) and 13 stripes (represent the 13 original colonies) that make up the official flag of the United States of America. A must have for any international sporting event or Independence day celebrations worldwide, these retro USA Flag contact lenses are also perfect for anyone who wants to put a funky spin on their costume at next year’s Comic Con.

Approved by the FDA, these American flag colored contacts are crafted using highly pigmented dyes to create a bold and patriotic color. They’re worn by both men and women over light as well as dark eyes. Manufactured up of 62% polymacon, 38% water and a single touch of fluoride you can expect them to promote optimum comfort for the wearability duration.

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