We think you’re going to fall head over heels in love with our cute contact lens cases! You’ve already selected your brand new favorite pair of colored contact lenses and you want to store them in style, right? As well as the sensible plain contact lens cases, we have adorable eye-catching storage options that are perfect for storing your contacts.

If you’re looking to purchase high quality contact lenses online, then a contacts case is an ideal accessory which goes hand in hand with your lens cleaning action plan. Not only are these cases cheap and affordable, but they are also a safe way of storing your contacts when not in use. Whenever you’re not wearing your lenses at home or on the go, one of our neoprene cases will keep them safe from damage and scratches!

There are so many lens cases out there, that it can be really difficult to choose one. For example Want Lens have a great selection of cases but not all of them fit your needs. If you’re looking for a case that makes it easy to see what’s inside – whether or not you need a new bottle of contacts solution or if you just want to check up on the ones already in there – we think, you’ll love our transparent tester lenses! It’s easy to simply pop one open and see the colour matched liquid in-between one’s eyes!


Wow, these sweet treats look delicious! If you’re in the mood for a tasty cake-like surprise, then check out our cupcake style cases. The ***** top lids are perfect to keep your lenses safe and tucked away. A treat for any colored contact lens aficionado, you won’t have found unique contact lens cases this awesome before!

When you’re looking for cute and adorable lens cases that are also practical, these cases fit the bill. Made from sturdy and safe plastic, these contact-lens cases will not only last but they’ll also be easy to clean between uses. Plus, since there are so many designs to choose from – with popular characters like The Little Mermaid, Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty featured in each case – you’ll be able to stock up on plenty of colorful options!

If you want to keep your prescription lenses all safe and sound, then you must put them in a case. It is the best way to never make it feel like you are risking their safety by exposing it too often. Check out our lens case section for a huge selection of cute cases!

By now you should have heard of acuvue contact lens cases. You’ve seen them before, and here again today! If you enjoy the brand look and feel but can’t personally relate to their products themselves then perhaps these heart-shaped contact lens cases could be an option for you. Don’t head to the checkout without first looking at some new styles! We have many wonderful brands out there that cater for every person’s individual taste preferences.


Forget about big-name retailers for your next buying spree. Not only have we got the goods, but we have all the bits and bobs to make your colored lenses experience an absolute dream!

Some of our cases have kits that come with a case, a lens and/or cleaning solution. Our new case kit comes with either an Opti-Case™ or Silicone Hydrogel Eye-Lens Case™ and if you order yours soon, the versatile Eye-Lens Pen!

If you want to make sure that your contact lenses are always clean and sanitary, you should be sure to pick up some contact lens solution while you’re waiting in line. Our selection of cases is just as effective at keeping your lenses dust-free and safe!

If you’re not sure how to maintain and look after your colored contact lenses then we’ve got plenty of instruction guides on our homepage. Our lenses should be taken care of properly too so a cute case for storing them at home makes for an ideal purchase. That way, when you get home from work or school, your lenses are always ready for you to slip on!