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Looking for a way to give yourself a possessed look? Do something that’ll make your costume go from normal to nightmarish in the blink of an eye? Then don’t look any further than our demon contact lens range, perfect for completing any horrify outfit!

We also have other sections like scary contact lenses, devil eye  contacts, and freaky  contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!

Unleash Your Dark Side With Our Demon Contact Lens Range!

Let us give you some spine-tingling inspiration with something from our demon contact lens range:

  • Black Eyed Child
  • Slender Man
  • Preacher (From the Garth Ennis graphic novel)
  • Zombie

Great for completing all manner of nightmarish costumes, a pair of full black eye contacts will enable you to create an unusual appearance. Its completely blacked out appearance will leave everyone in awe because at first glance it looks like your eyes are missing from their sockets. This is the perfect accessory if you want people to think that you’ve been cursed and that some evil spirit is occupying space where once was your soul. If this style doesn’t float your boat we have lots of other options for you to choose from! Our demon contact lens range includes:

Full Sclera Lenses: These contacts cover the entire eye, making for a more dramatic look. An unnerving edge is added to any look with these dramatic contacts. They’re guaranteed to turn heads! With white, black and red sclera lenses available there’s no limit to the creepy looks you can create with these contact lenses.

RED CONTACTS: It doesn’t matter what costume you have in mind, our blood-red lenses are perfect for achieving an eerie new look! If your current chill factor is lacking just add these supernatural lenses to create a classic demon appearance. We sell the best vampire contact lenses online as well as great Halloween contacts, goblin contacts and more.

Black Lenses: Turn to Creepypasta for inspiration and create a possessed black eyed look with a pair of our solid black lenses! Whether you opt for blind contacts, mesh lenses or a mini sclera style, you can be sure to be the beholder of the freakiest gaze on the block!

Milky Lenses are a fun addition to any look. Secretly scary contacts, get the perfect creepy-cute vibe for your next gorgeous look! (They’re so good that Marilyn Manson wears them!)

Patterned Lenses: Perfect for the season, patterned lenses will have you ready to join a gaggle of witches at the stroke of midnight! With designs including skulls, flames and blood splatter, you’ll never be short of costume inspiration when you wear these contacts.

If you have dark eyes and are looking for a quality pair of contact lenses, then we have what you need! Unlike cheaper imitations, our lenses are made of exceptionally fine tint to fully conceal your natural eye colour. These will not only change the appearance but also help with vision because they offer true UV protection that other companies do not provide.

No prescription? No problem! You don’t need a prescription to order your pair of Demon contact lenses. However, we advise seeking the advice of an optician before using these lenses to ensure their health and safety.

Fantastically Freaky Designs at Low Prices

Here at Want Lens, we know that when you wear a pair of demon contact lenses, or any other decorative or theatrical lenses for that matter, you want to make sure that they’ll scare the pants off your friends and family. This is why we’ve hand-picked the highest quality designs on the market, perfect for any serious spooky occasion! With so many options available, there’s something just right for everyone – if you’re looking for plain black rims with a colorless center then our Bleeding Eyes effect is perfect! We also have watery effects in green and blue red and even yellow – perfect if your costume is an ectoplasmic inspired zombie! If you’ve got a funny sense of humor and all you need is a trick eye to mildly freak out people then our Funny Eyes will do nicely too! With these contacts available at very low prices, there’s simply no better place to shop online for your demonic lenses than Want Lens!

Now, you may be thinking “I know Twilight Saga contact lenses look amazing, but what’s their beam like?”, so here’s the low-down on our demon eye collection:

We only stock products from the biggest brands on the market (such as Eyefusion) to ensure that our own products are of the highest possible quality.

Our lenses are manufactured by reputable brands and are therefore made from premium materials that make them incredibly soft and comfortable to wear.

Our lenses have been approved which holds our manufacturer to a high set of quality standards.

Looking for cheap fancy colored contacts? Here at Tmart, you have a range to choose from when it comes to your perfect pair! With a color range that rivals that of Freshlook’s extensive collection, you’re bound to stand out as the spookiest of them all!