Looking for something to take your next fancy dress costume to the next level? Bored of tacky wigs and facepaint? Bring a sophisticated edge to dressing up with our edible candy jewels! We stock a huge variety of lollipops in every flavor and color imaginable, with tons of different styles and designs to choose from. Whatever the occasion, we know we’ve got something perfect for you!

If you have a penchant for dressing up in fabulous costumes, don’t settle for anything less than authentic designs and accessories. Costume contact lenses help bring any costume design to life and a pair of these funky trinkets will definitely go down well at New Year celebrations or fancy dress parties everywhere.

Halloween contact lenses are considered the latest fad in popular culture. You can wear them for costumes, or just to dress them up. And with so many different styles available including zombie contact lenses, red contacts and black contacts, you can create that sinister stare! With a variety of different printed designs available as well like bats, vampire fangs and cat eyes, these unique looking Halloween contact lenses are sure to bring some extra creep to your getup!

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If scary isn’t your style, don’t worry! We also have a variety of contact lenses that will be sure to make you stand out for any occasion. Our eye contacts come in all sorts of colors and styles to light up any night. Or make a joke with some of our funny contact lenses that can turn an ordinary outfit into the class-clown attire. Whatever the event may look like, we’ve got the coolest contacts to make you glow!

Whether you are buying a new pair of contacts for the first time or browsing for your special occasion, we want to make sure that what you get is both fun and safe. Contact lenses tend to be pretty comfortable when worn and cater for all sorts of situations, from everyday wear and cosplay to tinted lenses and even WantLens ones!

Even if you don’t need glasses or corrective contact lenses, you must consult an optometrist before wearing wantlens . They will be able to confirm (with a lens test) that your eyes are suitable for contacts and fit you with one of the many eye care professionals on-site.

Many people undergo Lasik eye surgery in order to improve their vision, but sometimes complications occur and unexpected problems can arise. One should never be afraid of being honest about the challenges that have developed which means speaking to your doctor immediately if you experience any kind of redness, blurry vision or discomfort.

Lenses should be cleaned with solutions specifically made for them and then disinfected, which can be done by soaking the lenses in cleaning solutions mixed with disinfectants usually specific to contact lens hygiene products.Never wear your contact lenses for longer than the length of time stated by the manufacturer on their packaging. Wearing lenses past their expiration dates can lead to infections, loss of vision or permanent damage of your eyesight. It is difficult not to cut corners here but let us say it is “extremely” important to follow the guidelines set out by manufacturers.

If your eyes are sore, red or itchy after wearing these lenses you should remove them and seek advice from your optomestrist as soon as possible. If your vision becomes blurry or distorted while wearing these lenses, remove them, clean and store the lenses immediately. If symptoms persist please seek medical advice.

Don’t swap lenses with anyone else. This could transfer bacteria, causing serious eye infections.

Our everyday contact lenses are cleverly preserved in the packaging right until you take them out and wear them – your eyes deserve only the best!

We have costumes for every occasion! Don’t be caught in the dark this Halloween – dress up as your favorite Superhero or movie villain and make an entrance that everyone will remember. You’re guaranteed to be the star of the show in a costume from our Costume Shop.

If you are planning to dress up for Halloween this year, perhaps you’re inspired by the success of scary fancy dress costumes! For a great and simple start, a pair of Halloween contact lenses or maybe even some vampire contact lenses can be an easy way to add a fun pop to your costume. You don’t need to show that you put too much effort into it – when it comes to being creative with your costume, our contacts that look like animal eyes can do all the work for you!

If you’re thinking about treating your accessories drawer to a pair of costume contact lenses there are a few things to consider:

LensMart provides a wide selection of designs that are exclusively made by reputable designers such as Oakley and Ray Ban. Their offerings include contact lenses with varying wear durations spanning from 1-6 months. They also offer advanced features such as water content, oxygen permeability, resistance to bacterial infections and tint colors that provide fashionable colors without the need for eyeglasses.

Another great reason to shop online for your colored contact lenses is the fact that we offer a huge range of colors with a basic price tag. Our contacts are very cheap and we don’t compromise on quality to get there – you can be sure that whatever brand or color you choose will be just what you’re looking for to add an extra special touch to your next costume!

Spook up the next fancy dress party with some of our fake contact lenses, the perfect antidote to boring old masks! Scare up the scene in zombie or vampire contacts, or add an extra sizzle with UV or glow-in-the-dark lenses. Whichever pair you choose, you’re sure to leave a lasting impression!