If you want to give your look some extra drama, then check out our theatrical contact lenses! These will get you the look of your dreams in seconds. Our vast range of theatrical lenses not only cover a variety of special effects, but also include a wide array of different designs. Be the envy of everyone with a unique cosmetic lens from Lens Picker! If you’re looking for something different to spice up your look, our theatrical contact lenses are sure to do the trick! We have a variety of styles to choose from that will give you an all-out unique look – with a special effect added on for good measure.

The fantastic thing about our contacts is that there are so many choices. This way, no matter what occasion you need a bit of drama for, we’re sure to have something for you. Getting into character in a film or play as someone who has an unusual look? We’ve got your back! Need a pair of cheap Halloween lenses for a fancy dress party? We have what you need- just the thing to scare all your friends. Or maybe you just want to add some drama to your appearance and ensure that people always notice you first? Please take a look at our website and prepare to be amazed!

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We have talked about theatrical colored contact lenses a lot so far but we are not finished yet. There is a lot to talk about when it comes to this product and we hope that you will be won over soon. We will show you the importance and great benefits of acquiring an amazing drama queen look.

There are many different types of coloured contacts under our theatrical category, meaning that you will be able to find many pairs to choose from. To give you an idea of what we have to offer, in this article we shall analyse in detail all the different types of coloured contact lenses in the theatrical category, listing for you all the pairs available. We have a wide selection of great Halloween makeup kits that come with everything you’ll need to create a costume or just rock your look every day.

  • UV contact lenses can really light up your look in the dark. Wear them for a more dramatic sense of style! These lenses are perfect if you want to put a little something extra into your night out on the town, or even create a haunting edge to your film or show.

  • If you’ve been debating on trying out black out lenses or not, I suggest giving them a try! Painting your pupils a pitch black, they have something unique to offer… Great for anything from wearing dramatic cosplay costumes to partying all night long.

  • FX Lenses — we offer a number of different designs ranging from spiral prints to the blood splat variety. Whether you’re ready to take a dive into our inventory or just want to look them over- we’d love for you to stop by and take us for a spin!

  • Dramatic Colour Lenses – Adding a theatrical edge to your appearance is easy with these coloured lenses. Choose from white, red, purple and many other colourful options to see just how different you can look.

  • Some people are getting a few stares with these mesh lenses. If drama is what you’re going for, these lenses will definitely give it to you. With a range of mesh colored contacts, people will be doing a double take- no joke!

Phew, so as you can see there are so many options to choose from with our range of theatrical lenses! And it doesn’t stop there because we have loads more too. But don’t worry because it would take ages to list every pair. Just know that you have lots of choice – and can trust us on that. The key to a great look is a perfect pair of cosmetic contact lenses. Available at Lens Picker, the vast array is nearly impossible to surpass.


One of the other really great things about our range of theatrical contacts is that they are prescription free! Whether you need or want them, these contacts are available for anyone who wants to wear them. With no care required whatsoever, just put them in your eyes and see the world in an entirely new way. We strongly recommend that you get in touch with your optometrist before you start your lens collection. We want to make sure that the lenses you get are completely safe for your eyes, so please get in contact them before purchasing anything.

Additionally, we are also happy to say that our theatrical contact lenses all come at an affordable price! That’s right – whether you want a pairs that last a month, three months or even a year, you will be able to find them for a price that won’t break the bank when you shop with Lens Picker! We want to make sure that everyone has access to a flashy & dramatic look that’s perfect for their occasion. Although theatrical lenses are cheaper, they still offer incredible quality.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for temporary Halloween contact lenses, Lens Picker is the place to be. We have a wide range of theatrical contact lenses that are unmatched in quality and prices. Lens Picker can be a great way to add that extra something which you love the look of just by using your smartphone. It couldn’t be easier to find the perfect set of theatrical contact lenses for yourself!