Grey Contacts On Dark Brown Eyes


When buying colored contacts online, it is important to take good care of your lenses. One of the most important things to remember is proper handling. Don’t carry your contacts around in your tight pockets for example. This will likely cause them to get damaged rather quickly, especially if you are not very careful with them to begin with. To avoid damaging your coloured contacts unnecessarily, try storing them in a case inside your bag or purse or even better yet, get something that is specifically designed for contacts! It’s nice because it will keep the lenses separate from anything else you happen to have stored away inside your bags.

You can be assured of a bold statement with WantLens Wholesale , no matter which colour you choose. If you have dark eyes, even brown or hazel, know that light coloured lenses will also show up well in your irises. However, if a smoky grey is what you’re going for then we have some great designs to choose from! We’re not just here to help you pick your perfect style but our goal is to be there for you every step of the way while you wear your new contacts. This means not only guidance on how to put in and remove them safely but on the best ways to take care of them so they last as long as possible so they look as good as new when it’s time for a new pair .

We also have other sections like best grey for dark eyes , green contact lenses for brown eyes, and bright green contacts that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!


Here at WantLens we have a pair of colored contacts for every occasion. Whether you are looking for inspiration to help find your next costume, attending a party or just trying a new everyday look we know you will find the right set of colored contacts that suit you and whatever shade of eyesight you happen to be blessed with. We know our colored contacts for dark eyes will not only offer exciting new looks, but they’ll also mask your eye color completely while still offering some dramatic flair!

When it comes to glam, smoky eyes are a favorite. We’re pretty sure you’ll love them too when trying on the non-prescription coloured contact lenses in grey . Grey is an extremely subtle eye color that will add flair, or just provide something different to your usual look. Keeping things simple is always important when it comes to your fashion choices, so experiment with what all these new colors have in store for you!

For an incredibly natural look you’ll love our Solar Dark Gray Coloured Contact Lenses. These are the most natural-looking coloured contacts for dark eyes with a starburst 2-tone effect. Our lenses are opaque so they will cover your own irises just like real eye color, but don’t worry! You can still dilate your pupils during regular wear without any loss in vision quality or comfort.

Looking for contact lenses that really stand out? In this case, it’s best to go with a colored contacts for dark brown eyes product of the Gray Black Dragon Remix 2 type. The unique graphics of these colored contacts for dark brown eyes can be worn on days where one wants to have a truly unique look about them, or they can even be worn on days where one is much more relaxed because they don’t necessarily need to make a statement with their eye color. If you’d like additional ideas as to how to wear your fun gray contact lenses for dark brown eyes, feel free to ask someone who works there!

If you have brown eyes but are looking for what would best accentuate their beauty then check out the Grey Sorcerer Colored Contact Lenses. They will give your eyes that extra sparkle you want, whether it be for cosplaying as a wizard or just simply adorning your looks with seamless elegance. These lenses also stand out due to its beautiful design, featuring swirling patterns that resemble ocean waves. No matter how careful one is, these contacts make it hard not to stare but trust us when we say, once you take them out of the packaging, you’ll undeniably fall in love!

Last on our list of products, we have artificial eyes inspired by the movie “Terminator.” Look at this example featuring “Grey Terminator Bionic Contact Lenses.” The color is grey and it does not look natural. These lenses feature writing around the top and bottom of the iris that reads “The Terminator.” It completes an outfit that would be great for costume parties or science fiction nights, but it is bold enough to wear with everyday fashion.


Accessorize your costume — these Grey Contacts are ideal for turning your dark brown eyes to an icy shade of grey. These lenses are approved and offer a natural alternative to bright contacts which might not otherwise flatter every eye colour, especially pure brown.

Our fantastic range is comparable to eBay, Amazon, and Solotica colored contacts. There is no better place to get your non-prescription colored contacts for brown eyes. All our lenses come with easy to follow instructions to help you use them safely. If you don’t want the hassle of looking after the lenses then we have plenty of daily contact lenses in our range. If you want something long lasting then we have got it covered too with lenses that last from 30 days to 90 days to 1 year