Are you looking for that perfect accessory to complement your vampire costume? Our red contact lenses will give you the look you’ve been searching for- from wicked red eyes to enticing colored irises!

We offer a variety of red colored contact lenses for various Halloween themed costumes and looks. Red contact lenses make it easy to transform into anime characters, vampires, evil demons and all sorts of scary creatures that you see in comics, movies and online video games! These specialty contact lenses are the perfect way to complete your costumes or add a splash of color to your Cosplay gear so that you can always be the center of attention at parties or comic conventions!

If you’re looking for the best red contact lenses, then look no further than WantLens! They carry a variety of all kinds of red lenses from 1 day disposable contacts to reusable contacts which can last for anything from 1 month to over a year! Whether you want something that’s novelty or just to help you become more comfortable with wearing colored contacts at certain occasions, they are sure to have what you need in their catalog.

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Contact lenses can be a nuisance to order. Luckily, we have simplified the entire process. Furthermore, our products are of the highest quality and have been manufactured using the best evaluation processes available. In fact all of our red contact lenses are approved by health professionals and will work excellently with your vision!

Looking for cool vampire contact lenses for Halloween? If your shopping contacts are tiring of the same old color choices, then why not treat a friend to a brand new look with novelty contact lenses from our on-trend range of captivating colors? Our Twilight and black iris lenses will instantly transform their eye color into something truly dramatic – we have trouble keeping these limited edition shades in stock! So give them a boost as they dress up as a pop culture icon or just need to finish off that costume for a themed night out.

Our red contacts lenses are available in a variety of styles with care instructions ranging from one-day wear to year-long; allowing you the chance to wear them more than once and even choose whether you’d like the effect for one night only or as an ongoing wearable accessory that can be paired with your favorite outfits and cosplay outfits for less – because we know how much passion there is out there for designer costumes!

While the decision to purchase eyewear is ultimately a personal preference, it’s important to keep in mind that each option does come with its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, our daily lenses are best for those who prefer to use their contacts every day. They can help you achieve a natural look, feel comfortable throughout the day, and are easy to clean! However, if you prefer changing your lenses more frequently or like the option of being able to try out different colors on a more frequent basis (for special events), we recommend purchasing a pack of colored contacts from our collection of brand new exciting shades.

You should have already started thinking about what lenses you want to wear for your next cosplay look by now. Hopefully, we can help take your costume idea to the next level. To make sure that you’re able to find a set of red circle contacts that suits your needs, let’s break down all of the different styles of contact lenses that we carry!


Some customers think that red contact lenses are only meant for costume play-acting. However, we would like to point out that it depends on the type of lens one chooses to buy. However, their primary use is undeniably the same – putting them on to do some ghost story acting. Again, choosing a right pair of contact lenses will give your eyes an entirely different color look and since there are so many options available, you can get as many pumpkin or vampire costumes as you want!

Years ago, the red contacts we offer here online were mostly purchased by people that wanted to look radically different for Halloween. It’s rare now to see someone wear a pair out just for a costume party but it’s actually pretty normal to see folks wear this color religiously in some anime or gothic fashion styles. In fact, lots of people like to integrate our top quality full contact lenses into their entire outfit and look so that they can be different everyday!

We offer an array of colorful red contacts that are sure to give you the unique look you’ve been searching for. What themed costume would be complete without some bright bloodshot eyes? Choose a scarlet, crimson, maroon or even blood-red hue that best fits your type of costume. Or pair with some creepy zombie contact lenses to glam up your favorite monster or ghoul look!

Are you in the market for a pair of exciting red contact lenses for your next costume? We’ve got a fantastic selection of various different shades for you to consider so there’s no need to worry! Our striking range will help you decide which pair is most suitable for your desired Cosplay look, and we can even provide you with some inspiration sources too. Keep reading and let us explore how you could use a piece of dramatic eye wear that takes the attention away from another part of your costume.

Among the rainbow contact lenses, red contacts are one of our most popular. We feel that a solid pair of red contacts would be the ones that can be used for a variety of Halloween costumes. The best picks in this category include blind & mesh, demon and vampire contacts where the generic style can be used with all three. This makes them a great choice for someone who doesn’t want to invest too much but also wants red eyes.