If you’re looking to give your outfit a playful, cute touch, contact lenses can be a simple way to up your style game. They are great for nights on the town, cosplay or even Halloween – with our wide selection of colours and glow effects there is something for everyone! From natural hues to vibrant patterns you are sure to stand out from the crowd!

If you’ve never worn cosmetic contact lenses before and you’re looking to change the way your eyes look, why not try out some FX contacts? Whatever style or effect you like, we’ve got a huge range of special FX contacts that will give your eyes that extra bit of pop! These special eye contacts can completely alter your pupil color (and sometimes the surrounding white ring as well) by adding all manner of different effects such as: A cat’s eye shape; glittering splattered dots; or even more wild styles such as galaxy or zigzag patterns.

The mesh effect is one of the most unique contacts you can find. These colored contacts look like pixels covering your pupils and iris, making eyes appear larger. The different color variety ensures that almost any costume that needs that final touch will already be covered by these eye enhancers. They’re also great to use in many other everyday situations like parties or simply when you feel like making your eyes stand out more than usual!


FX contacts firmly fall into the category of special effect contacts; therefore, whilst they will make for a fun theatrical addition to your look whenever you feel like dressing up, these multifunctional cosmetic lens will also come in handy the next time you find yourself having to portray another character with distinct eye features such as those of an animal.

Fans of cosplay are always looking for ways to be more authentic and original with their costumes. One inexpensive way of doing this is by using FX contacts – it can help your transformation look more sophisticated than wearing a traditional mask. Even though costumes are the primary focus over at our website , we also cater to the needs of those who wear normal contact lenses, but would like to try custom lenses fitted specifically for their eyes. Browse through our section on FX contacts today!

Another favourite of ours are the glowing contact lenses. Evidently, you can use them for Halloween but they can also be worn in bright light – this makes them appealing to customers who don’t want to wear contacts when they will be taking photos or otherwise having their picture taken. Visiting our site will show that we have an abundance of different coloured glow-in-the-dark lenses available, so go ahead and choose your favorite!

Our FX contacts feature the ability to make your eyes appear like an animal’s eyes! We offer a collection of animal-inspired styles that use special effects to manipulate the color of your own eye color in order to give off the illusion that it is like that of an animal. So whether you want to look like a cat, snake or any other sort of wild creature; our FX contacts can help you achieve this!


You may be worried that you won’t look good in FX contacts. Don’t be! The pigments used in our high-quality SFX contact lenses are formulated to give a striking effect on all skin tones. So whether you have fair or dark skin, these SFX contacts will complement your features and give you a look that’s every bit as enchanting as the character design itself whether it is for your special cosplay costume, a photo shoot, stage show, TV series or even for Halloween.

If you are looking for cosmetic contacts that brands trust to deliver brands that offer great service and have product you can rely on at a competitive price, is the first place to start! With so many special effect contact lenses available on one site, it’s hard to know which ones are right for you. What’s more, every season different costumes come into fashion so stock changes regularly. Browse our FX contacts today!