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WantLens accommodates a huge variety of beautiful colored contact lenses. From vibrant, to bright and even character lenses, we have almost everything that someone could ask for or dream of wishing for! As a company that has been in the business for over 20 years now, we guarantee you that our main goal is validating our customers’ needs and ensuring their satisfaction.

Get the perfect look to spook up this year’s costume with our fashionable lenses, available in a variety of styles including classic red or black studded patterns with just the right amount of attitude. Whether you’re not ready to let go of your 2016 dress code or are looking for inspiration for an entirely new look, our special character lenses feature trendy characters like pumpkin faces and skulls to make sure you get noticed at every party, come rain or shine!

There are some varieties of costume that never fail to amaze and horrify in equal measure. The great thing about this category is that there are so many options – you can go gorgeous and glittery as a mythical mermaid, freaky as Frankenstein’s creation, or don some hairy hands and morph into a bloodthirsty werewolf (or even some other less aggressive beast like a unicorn). Whatever your interpretation, WantLens have the perfect monster contact lenses to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

We also have other sections like glowing contact lenses, kakashi contact lenses, and green dragon contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!

Are monster colored contacts safe for my eyes?

For peace of mind that your cosmetic contact lenses are safe, you must purchase from a reputable seller. Ensuring that the lenses you buy have met all of the necessary standards is really important. Your eye health is our top priority. All Coloured Contacts products meet CE certification guidelines, so you can look amazing in a pair of our frightening contact lenses while also protecting yourself from making an unsafe choice that could leave you with permanent eye damage or worse!

Our collection of monster colored contacts comes from Chromaview, who are renowned for manufacturing high-quality colored contacts. Their products are made using premium materials during a manufacturing process that ensures the lenses are safe to wear and durable for years to come.

Because WantLens are colored contact lenses, our clients are able to get in touch with their creativity and artistic abilities by creating wild costumes to wear at fancy dress events. No matter if they’re a “once-a-year” cosplay kind of person or they’re exceptionally creative and have a wardrobe bursting with costumes that they want to show off, our contacts can offer everything from color-changing chromaview contact lenses for people who just need lenses occasionally, through to the best brands on the market with a range of colors and durations including one day, two week, month, three months and over six months so they can cover all of their costume needs!


You’ll be hard to miss in these: Applying for a costume party and not having the right makeup can really put a damper on your dress! So, don’t worry; our horror contact lenses will make sure no one will notice *and* they’re available with prescription too, so you can really let loose and focus on relaxing and making the most of your fancy dress fun.

We choose high-quality materials for our lenses because we know you deserve the best. Our restorative, cosmetic, and daily wear disposable contact lenses are ideally suited to people requiring low to no vision correction to regain or maintain the appearance of natural eyes while enjoying optimal comfort for all day wear. We let you design your own look by choosing from durations ranging from 1 day to 1 year so that you can create fresh new looks or play it safe depending on your preference.

If you’re only wearing your contact lens once such as for a party or even just because you’re out and forgot to take them off, we have the perfect product range for you. Our “one-day” daily lenses are exactly that: super soft and silky smooth to wear and so easy to insert. Our regular range is great for those who want best of both worlds: comfortability and hardiness. When durability and comfort aren’t mutually exclusive! Finally, if you’re an active individual who likes your fancy-dress looks but still remains conscious about the environment around us, our durable collection is right up your alley. So try not using too many resources when this collection provides everything you need in terms of design, color and character at a low price!

Our range of rx colored contacts includes products from brands such as Chromaview. These are made during a premium manufacturing process that ensures the lenses are safe, durable, and easy to wear. You can also opt for reusable weekly contacts or monthly disposable contacts – all ensuring you have fantastic sight correction whilst still being able to retain the same opulent appearance you had before wearing these trendy contact lenses.


Have you ever wandered by the hall of costumes at a comic convention? Each year there are thousands of people who come dressed in elaborate, imaginative outfits. Do you stand out in the crowd or do your peers end up saying you were ‘best dressed’? You can easily make an impression with the help of some inexpensive accessories which are available at your closest Halloween store. Check out our range of coloured lenses to get a makeover for one night only!

If you’re unsure where to shop for all your costume needs and fancy dress accessories, we may be able to help with our own range of spooky-themed accessories like vampire teeth and animal fangs. From there you can choose what scary character you want to become!

One of the most amazing things about our UV contact lenses is that they can give your eyes an entirely new vibrant color! During the daytime, our lenses will create a noticeable hue on your eye. But when you’re in the presence of black light, these ultraviolet contact lenses really come to life. The special pigments react to the light and change into an eye-catching color that will turn heads no matter where you go! You’ll look amazing with our UV monster contact lenses.

For an even more dazzling effect, our UV Lens (black light reactive) give you another take on your usual colour. In the day time, our lens’ colorful touch will bring a vibrant hue to your eyes.Once in UV black light, these lenses really start to stand out with an awesome glow that brightens up the party! These ultraviolet contact lenses are great for a fun and intense look and sure to take your costume to the next level this Halloween or rave season!