​Creepy contact lenses are perfect for scaring friends and family on Halloween! The ultimate spooktacular accessory, our creepy contacts will make your unique style stand out from the crowd! Become the ultimate eerie ghost, petrifying monster or evil vampire with an awesome pair of creepy contacts! Our creepiest contacts add a dab of monstrous mystery to your next costume look.

Anyone can don a fancy outfit for Halloween, so make sure your scary look is out of this world for next year’s Halloween party or Halloween/fancy dress event by adding some horror lenses! Horror contacts lenses are an excellent way to increase the fun and get into the spirit of the holiday. Browse our extensive range of spooky contacts and you’re sure to find a color, style, and duration to suit your every need. Whether you want to update your look and show off something new or hide a surprise under those wide eyes, scare up something that will change your life forever at Eye-Candy!

We also have other sections like devil eye contacts, freaky contact lenses, and monster contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!


All our costumes, masks and other accessories are non-prescription — so whether you’re wanting to go as a clown from the circus or dressing up as a famous general from a known movie or TV show, we have many novel ideas for you to choose from. With such a huge range of products, one can easily find the exact costume that best suits their requirements! In fact, all our goods are even available in various sizes as well – children and adults alike can look forward to suiting up in some intriguing products; there is no need to be disappointed if the outfit that was your first choice happens to not be available in your size. The manufacturing process involved uses high quality materials which include a wide range of striking designs. The quality of the material ensures good coverage over any shade of natural brown eye color.

Every Halloween it seems we add one or two more items to our costume closet for the following year. This year, grab a pair of scary contacts to really complete your look. With so many options from which to choose, you’ll be able to mix and match different colors that you love! A great way to finish off any ghostly or demonic look is by wearing blind lenses which cover the pupil and iris. No longer capable of having a wide range of color selection, these abandoned eyes come across as creepy and mischievous guaranteed to scare friends and family alike!

If you’re going to be attending any of the various Halloween fancy dress events this year, you’ll certainly want to show up with a pair of Cat’s Eye UV i-Glow contact lenses. These funky, yet creepy-looking contacts will light up the dance floor and really set your costume off for the ultimate horror look. Any costume can be taken to a whole new level by wearing these and they truly are a must-have accessory for the perfect cosplay outfit!

Halloween is coming up soon and lots of people feel the need to act quickly in order to find the right costume that will make them stand out among the rest. Did you know that you can give your costume a more realistic look by making some simple accessories like this pair of creepy contacts ? All you need is a mirror, your new contact lenses, scissors, and sticky tape!

Demon – if you’re out to pull off the malevolent appearance of an evil spirit from another dimension, consider adding these classic creepy contact lenses to your costume! These Plutonian lenses are a dark black with a soulless glow, making their wearer look as though they might be hiding some sinister plans.

Ghosts – ghosts, ghouls, spirits and spectres are the sort of Halloween costumes which eerily blend in with a killer pair of creepy contact lenses. Blind and sclera lenses are the best way of showing off your spooky style. Or, for something as equally creepy, our White Mesh lenses are a great way of rocking a new outfit!

Vampire – it doesn’t get more Vampire than a pair of eyes that shine red like blood! And this isn’t just any pair of eyes, these striking specs are bright red in color to capture the imagination of your subjects. Even better yet, these Red Blood lenses will give you the appearance of being possessed or hungry for fresh blood!

Werewolf – if you’re planning a terrifying creature of the night costume for Halloween, then be sure to check out one of our beastly and creepy colored contacts here! Green Werewolf or Twilight Werewolf lenses will totally terrify anyone who sees you! Sharp your claws and fangs to totally pull off these contacts this Halloween!

Witch – these translucent green lenses are guaranteed to complete your spooky costume. The intricate pattern of this lens is sure to have you cackling. Wear your witch costume as you like, but use matching face paints or green makeup with these lenses, a must-have for any witch look!

Zombie – another undead costume option. A great way to put the finishing touches on this zombie costume is to grab a pair of those super creepy White Manson lenses. These contact lenses are 100% doctor approved and they’ll certainly need some looking after but with their spooky Zombie Grey coloring you can really make sure your cold, vacant stare will not be rivalled come Halloween!

These are simply a few ideas on how you can put a new face to good use, but there are no rules when it comes to trying out faces or roles. Switch up your personalities with new looks and create yourself a new scary look. The possibilities are endless with our range of animal eyes !

Shop Halloween Contacts Lenses with Colored Contacts UK!

Cheap is not necessarily synonymous with bad quality and our products are a prime example of this. At Colored Contacts, we want you to be happy with the choice you’ve made so we decided to offer only high-quality contacts at an affordable price. They’re designed using lightweight and breathable materials so they’ll feel gentle on your eyes while you wear them.

You should consider the length of time you will be wearing your Halloween lenses. If you will only be wearing then on October 31st, a one-use pair of daily contact lenses may suit your needs if you don’t want to worry about disposing after each use. It is purely temporary and hassle free! If you are attending many end-of-October events then a one- year lens may prove to be the better option for your long term activity planning as they can be reused throughout any years’ festivities.

Colored Contacts is your one-stop shop for shopping Halloween contact lenses UK! When you shop with us, you can bob and weave through our assortment of cheap and affordable quality options to find exactly what you’re looking for for your upcoming Halloween celebrations. Don’t be caught this Halloween in a rut wearing the same old costume you’ve worn year after year because it’s time to make a change that’s going to have everyone talking! Want everyone else to wear fright while you wear fun? Colored Contests has got high quality designs that are available just in time so you can take your Halloween style to whole new heights without having way too much cash on hand.