Fancy dress accessories, we do not need anything else! Our range of fancy dress accessories is perfect for those looking to create their own unique look. Make sure the rest of your outfit has the same great style, then accessorise with our range of interesting and unique accessories. With us you will definitely find just the right thing to fit your needs. The best thing about our products is that they are manufactured using various kinds of materials like synthetic fur fabrics and non-comedogenic hundred percent hypoallergenic adhesives. Now, who could say no to that?!

Ensure your spooky costume makes for a stylish look this Halloween by using accessories , like our scary lenses! Ideal for not only those attending theme parties and cosplay events, but daily wear and events too. We want to make sure that our customers can get the most out of their shopping experience on our site and we know how much of an impact finding the perfect pair of glasses at the right price can have when it comes to finalizing your style; we want to make sure you’re able to do just that!

We also have other sections like creepy  contact lenses, devil eye contacts, and freaky  contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!


Suit yourself! With our funky and fun non-prescription lenses range, you can experiment with style in a safe way. Are you after some mini sclera lenses? Or cat’s eye style lenses to round out your look? We’ve got the exact pair of creepy contact lenses to add that extra edge to your ensemble. Get ready to frighten everyone when you walk past with our non-prescription scary contacts!

Whether you’re after a particular shade of lens or want something more vibrant, we’ve got the right pair to complete your costume. Only need to match your stare in a matter of seconds? It’s never been easier to accessorize your costume with colored lenses! Perfect for spooking up any ensemble for Halloween, there are even UV i-glow lenses that will ensure your style shines bright even after dark. Dress to impress and let our lenses enhance what lies beneath with no fear of fading from sight.

If you are looking for some spooky inspiration, look no further! Use our scary lenses to punctuate your costumes this Halloween. You can do this in many ways:

If you love all things black in color, then we’ve got the perfect selection of spooky colored contacts to complete your look! With an extensive range of styles to choose from, ranging from Sclera to Blind, our spooktacular colored contacts are sure to shock! Perfect for completing your demonic and bloodthirsty vampire inspired look, our bold colored lenses will surely evoke that soulless edge you’ve been searching high and low for!

Red Contact Clippers – Make a daring statement with these wonderfully vibrant red contact lenses. Extra rich pigmentation combined with an iris color that will surely never occur naturally, this is certainly a choice that can definitely turn some heads. A perfect piece of flair to any outfit or finishing touch to a hauntingly creepy costume, these lens are sure to make anyone feel like you work in the medical field as a super-natural blood donor!

Halloween Contacts – Catch a glimpse of our exciting selection of eerie Halloween contacts. For those looking to give their eyes a terrifyingly spellbinding look, try out our captivating spooky style lenses such as our Voodoo doll brown contacts and Black Leopard contact lenses. With these you are sure to be able to create that glazed look in their eyes for an additional creepy effect!

Animal and Eye Style Colored Contacts – If you’re looking to switch up your eye shape as well as your spooky style, then it’s time you checked out our stunning range of animal and different eye shaped contacts! A perfect spooky alternative to our other SFX lenses, pairs such as the Eye of Sauron, Cobra Contact Lenses and Dragon Eye Lenses are perfect for adding that sizzling edge to your style. Ideal for adding the finishing touch to your ghoulish Monster inspired look, these lenses are sure to set pulses racing!

Below are a few suggestions for styling your evil eye lenses but there’s really no limit to how you can make your eyes even more captivating by combining the scary and beautiful effects of these Halloween contact lenses with just about any look.


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Halloween is a fantastic day to get creative and show off some of your wild side. And you can’t go wrong with any of our lens-order options—after all, it’s not everyday that you get the chance to be a completely different type of person!

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