Green Contact Lenses For Dark Eyes

We’re very excited to tell you about our selection of green-hued contact lenses for dark eyes. These are color contacts handpicked out of our massive collection of contacts specifically because they are suitable for customers with darker eye colors such as black or brown. It goes without saying that green colored contacts are one of the best natural hues – there’s just something about that emerald-inspired color, isn’t there?

We’re proud to offer you high-quality green colored contacts to help you get the green eyes you’ve always dreamed of. We know how hard it can be to find other people that sell colored contact lenses that actually work, and we feel like we’ve scoured the globe for contacts like these. The featured products here offer plenty of green color coverage, and we think they do a great job at turning eyes the perfect shade of jade. You won’t believe what your eyes can turn into when these dynamic colored contacts are used – and for such a fair price!

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Our special brand of contacts, will completely conceal your natural eye color and will leave everyone wondering if you’re wearing your real eyes at all! All you have to do is take one quick look at our gallery of stunning green contact lenses for dark eyes. We specialize in offering top quality green-colored contacts on the market so once you’ve decided on your style, be sure to place an order with us soon by using our secure checkout. 

WantLens carries a wide selection of green colored contacts for brown eyes. In this section, we especially cater to those of you who love green eye contacts, but we understand that some of you might be looking for green colored contacts which are of a different variety or perhaps can be worn on a certain occasion. We carry opaque cosmetics which include cat’s-eye cosmetic contact lenses and more!

If you’re not quite sure that green is for you, we also have a wide range of other colored contacts for dark eyes! Whether they be hazel contacts, brown contacts, red contacts, blue contacts, purple contacts or even violet ones – our brilliant opaque colors will make sure that your eyes are the color you want them to be. And do know that all these lenses work great on dark colored eyes as well!


When planning to purchase green contacts online, ensure that your eyes are suitable for wearing colored contacts. WantLens wants to inform customers of the importance of making certain you speak to an optometrist about this important matter especially as some people may have reactions or allergies developed from wearing such lenses even though they may feel no side effects whilst putting them on due to having eyelid issues. Always confirm with a professional before purchasing and remember that we do not refund if you purchase these products and later discover you’re allergic to the dye we use in our contact lens colourants.

If you’re one of the few people who are lucky enough to have dark eyes but always wished they had green ones instead, you’ve come to the right place. WantLens has a wide selection of beautiful green contacts for dark eyes that will leave everyone questioning which eye color really is your natural one! With our customer service team standing by 24/7 and next day delivery options, ordering contacts shouldn’t be an issue – unless you can’t decide which color out of our collection would suit you best! The decision depends on how subtle or bold you want your new eye color to be.

So order today and get the best green contacts for brown eyes