Activating your feminine side is made easy by using these gorgeous pink contact lenses from Colored Contacts online store. Featuring 100% UVA and UVB protection, lenses are also incredibly comfortable to wear, ensuring you can enjoy flawless vision all night long. Find the perfect pair of cosmetic pink contact lenses for finishing off your costume or just for looking fabulous at every opportunity!

Whether you’re looking for party lenses, circle lenses or colored contacts, you can be sure to find your ideal look here at Want Lenses . From pink to red and yellow to chartreuse, there are hundreds of different shades of yellow contacts to choose from. The hardest choice you’ll face is deciding which pair to order first!

You can also check out colored circle contact lenses if you want to try something new


There’s a whole bunch of ways to wear Pink contact lenses so you can be as eccentric and quirky as you want, but the way that really makes you stand out from the crowd is by picking the right colored lenses for your eyes. If you’re torn between what color would best complement your eye color then here are some guidelines on how to select the right one:

1 Day Disposable Lenses: One-day disposable lenses are great for anyone looking to try out a new look without committing to a full week of wearing contact lenses. If you’re only going to wear them on occasion or if you want to try a few different ones, then disposables are your answer.

90 Day & 1 Year Contact Lenses: These lenses are the ultimate in flexible, transformative power! Great for everyday wear, these classic contacts are perfect for a new look that can go from day to night, or any occasion! Double-save them and keep them if you’re looking for something extra special for next year’s convention season. Remember – when storing your contacts after use, be sure to keep them in a non-moisture environment so as not to get infected with harmful bacteria or viruses.

Are your kids always losing their lenses and getting them mixed up? Wouldn’t it be great to have some sort of tinting that would show you the specific color of your lens so they’re always easy to distinguish from others? Well, good news – this comes in handy when traveling because you can easily see which lens is yours if everyone else has theirs. This is also a color blind-friendly solution for friends who have a hard time telling their lenses apart. Avoid uncomfortable situations when travelling and keep track of your contacts with our lens case set!


Are you in need of some pink tinted contact lenses? I mean, who isn’t a fan of color and delightfully pink things? You’re certain to find something that will bring out the inner princess in you. At our online store, we have an amazing variety of pinks for every taste. We have all kinds of fun shades – from pastel pink contact lenses to bright pink contacts for Halloween costumes and even scary spider web contact lenses complete with spiders! From hot pink contacts to light pastel tones, you are sure to find your favorite shade of pink here at KinkyPinky – All About Pink Contact Lenses.

Pink UV Contacts: Perfect for a variety of occasions including nights out, parties or raves and even everyday wear, these lenses are sure to get you noticed! Gaze through them under normal lighting conditions and be dazzled by their solid color, high-contrast finish. Or gaze through them under a UV light source and enjoy a beautiful glow-in-the-dark effect that’ll make it impossible for friends to take their eyes off you! Available in either dark grey or a dark brown hue, there’s no need to choose just one – you can always stock up on multiple pairs in two different colors so that you’re always prepared for whatever may come your way.

Patterned Lenses: If you wish to buy printed contacts lenses, then we suggest that you try the Petals or Butterfly collection. These are just great for creating a wig or costume for an upcoming party. Check them out wisely and choose the right size of pink eyes contacts.

Solid Color Contacts: To brighten up your gaze, turn to our vast selection of solid color contacts. Whether you want eye-catching circle lenses or other patterns like mini sclera, you’ll find a range of shades that will help you get noticed. If you want to change things up but still keep your natural eye color, some of our solid color contacts even come in subtle hues that are sure to contrast nicely with your existing eyes.

Animal Contact Lenses: Unleash your inner beast with Cat Eye Contacts and Lizard Eyeglass Lenses! Whether you’re looking for a pair of cat eye contacts to complete your feline costume, or lizard eyeglass lenses to complete your lizard ensemble, you can rip through Halloween like a true animal with our wild selection in this section!

Note that we’re constantly adding new styles to our online store. For example:

Dress up just like your favorite Disney princess with these bright pink contacts and head piece. If you love this pink look, shop around for the entire range of colored contact lenses from ColorVue UK to find the shade that fits you most perfectly.

Adding pink tinted lenses to an ensemble can certainly be a punchy process, but it’s important not to go overboard. It’s always good to play around with color because sometimes all you need is some visual stimulation. Looking for ways to add color? Try using a bold tube top, but make sure it doesn’t clash with the rest of your outfit. Donning black may detract from the rest of the look, so keep that in mind when you venture out shopping!

Natural effect pink contacts can make a fun everyday change to your look. Spice up your outfit with a splash of pink and use an eye makeup color palette or an eyebrow that is similar to your new eye tone. You may be wondering how pink eyes contacts can look natural. Natural effect contact lenses are designed to emulate the same natural color variation you would find in a real iris. These color flecks add depth to the lens and many feature a dark limbal ring, just like a real eye. As you can see, though the color may not be realistic the style certainly is so no one will question whether you’re wearing colored contacts!

Looking for a pink cosplay costume? The similarity between actual contact lenses and those worn by cosplayers can make costumes that look more adorable, fun and striking than ever. The effect is most eye-catchingly achieved through the use of pastel shades of pink. Plenty of characters from anime series have eyes with this exact shade. A classic way to cosplay a character with big anime eyes is with a bright pink wig, which can be worn with a cute outfit, such as one featuring a sweet design or patterns crafted specifically for children.

For the sweet Lolita look, pair light pink lenses with a ruffled frock and a lace trimmed bonnet in subtle, pastel shades for an unforgettable look that will have all eyes on you. If you fancy bringing a dash of bold color to your Gothic Lolita look, then don lashings of black lace, ruffles and bows.


A lot of people love wearing glasses for fashion as well as necessity, but if you’re more the non-prescription lens type of person, you can now opt to wear contact lenses at Colors and Contact Lenses. We’ve got a variety of prescriptions to choose from, so you’ll be able to shop around and pick the right power for both eyes. Pretty nifty, right? This way, you can ditch those boring glasses in lieu of bolder hues or fun patterns. You won’t have to worry about picking that perfect outfit or fancy accessories because your newly acquired prescription contact lenses will turn any look into a showstopper.

This means you can be 100% confident that when ordering a pair of colored contacts from our online shop, you won’t be receiving any old pink contacts; instead you will definitely get high quality something completely different every time. We pride ourselves on providing a huge range of contact lenses with prices which we make sure still remain competitive at all times!

All of our pink want lenses are individually wrapped to ensure they stay clean and safe to wear. Before you can wear your lens solution make sure to use your contact case or sterile saline solution in order to fully submerge your lens for a further two hours so that it is allowed sufficient time to fully hydrate.

Here at, we love to send our funky contact lenses all around the world which is why you can shop with us to purchase pink circle contact lenses & don’t worry if you’re located in Australia or Africa because we ship our products to over 24 countries across the globe (so you can get some new contacts while overseas)! Our list of shipping options is constantly growing so be sure to check back on our site often for updates on more shipping destinations!

If it’s Halloween or any other party and you want to be the cutest one around or just look your finest, dress up with a pair of our pink contact lenses . Pick from our range of flashy, funky colored contacts specifically designed for light-colored eyes. Our range of fancy pink color contact lenses will turn your dull brown eyes into vibrant light pink eyes – A sure way to draw attention to yourself! Fancy being celebrated for one week? Check out the section where people have received more than one pair of contacts for free – you might be lucky enough to get more than you bargained for so don’t forget to enter!

Now that you have read all about the styles and features of our pink colored contact lenses, you are free to enjoy browsing through our website for ideas on how to use this information for your upcoming costume. We often share new ideas so be sure to check out our blog for handy hints as well as character inspiration from recent anime or princess costumes!