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If you love the hit anime series Naruto, you’ll love the massive range of Sharingan Contacts available at Want Lens!

The WantLens team is proud to announce the addition of Sharingan Contact Lenses to their collection! In the Mangekyo form, which awakens your Eyes’ full powers, these Kaleidoscope Lens Designs will completely transform your eyes into the Many-Tone Sharingan that we all know and love from the Naruto series. These Want Lenses are guaranteed to make for an exciting cosplay as well as a kickass party look!


Turn yourself into the ultimate shinobi from Naruto with WantLenses! We’re sure that by now you’ve heard of our epic selection of cosplay contacts, and while they all offer huge style and likeness to their source material, nothing measures up to the popularity and hype surrounding our Sharingan contact lenses! If you have always wanted to be part of a great cosplay event such as Comic Con or even just love dressing up at home like a true fan, these lenses are definitely going to be your new favorite accessory!

We offer a wide range of the highest quality and most realistic looking Sharingan lenses on the market. Furthermore, any costume-lenses fan you’d come this far is bound to be familiar with the insanely popular and well-known Mangekyou Sharingan contact lenses which are seen in our Akatsuki costume contact lense set! However, that’s not all we’re capable of producing because we also carry what some consider to be one of the most sought after and hard to find types of contacts so exclusive and elusive that only a handful of other vendors offer such an item at an exorbitant price: the Rinnegan. But don’t worry about having to break the bank for these expensive contacts because you can equip yourself with both affordable daily wear or advanced 90-day protectors that our extensive line offers!

Don’t have time to put in the effort? If you’re looking for colored contacts and need a reputable company that offers cheap high-quality contact lenses, Want Lens is your best bet.

All of our cosplay contact lenses can be described as incomparable! We always have the right lenses to fit your exact costume and look you want. So if you’re looking to grab your favorite eyes from Naruto, why not pick yourselves up a pair of our kakashi sharingan contacts or maybe take it one step further with a pair of our mangekyou sharingan contact lenses!

If you’re going to be out and about with your chakra activated and the eyes of a Uchiha clan member, they have got to look good enough to impress a Hokage. That’s why all of our lenses feature super strong color pigments! So if your eyes are an intense shade of blue or maybe even a bold green; you’ll be rocking some epic Naruto contact lenses without anyone knowing that it isn’t your real eye color!

Although living up to the challenging expectations of being an impressive character seems like a daunting task; you don’t have to worry! Even as a real-life shinobi, not many people think about life after death. We’ve made it our mission to help people achieve their goals and leave behind something that will inspire future generations. In the Naruto anime, characters can see the memories of others by touching them but in reality this ability isn’t yet attainable (– yet!) so we recommend wearing some contacts that make your pupils’ look white, like these:

Black Sharingan Colored Contact Lenses – For those seeking a more mature and pristine look than the famous Uchiha Kakashi, our collection of black sharingan colored contact lenses are perfect. These offer a more desaturated option for cosplaying characters such as Kakashi Hatake (and especially in conjunction with character’s wearing glasses). While it may only be through pictures or videos that some viewers may see the stark difference between these eyes and the Uchiha clan’s variety; these black sharingan contact lenses will complete your look!

White Neji Contact Lenses – One way to truly pull off a unique cosplay look, one that will surely get the attention of anyone who sees it, is by using contact lenses! What makes these particularly impressive is the fact that they feature actual activated Byakugan eyes, with veins and all. There’s no better option out there when looking for some high-quality Neji Hyuga contacts! We highly recommend these to any Naruto fans out there, who have wanted to see what life would be like with Byakugan activated!

Black Rinnegan (By: Kage-Narumi) – If you’re set on showing off to everyone that you hold incredible power, get yourself a pair of our black rinnegan contact lenses! As the most exalted amongst the three great dojutsu conditions; if you’re thinking of a shinobi ninja cosplay; you must get yourself the eye of the 6 paths!

If you’re interested in specializing in optical care, then we invite you to take a look at some of the array of anime contact lenses we offer. In this section you can find Kaguya Otsutsuki’s rinnegan contacts, Mangekyo Sharingan contact lenses, as well as Naruto Uzumaki’s kurama infused kitsune of nine eyes (9TBI) themed contact lenses!


WantLens say they have some of the best replica contact lenses available in the UK, and that may well be true because they go through a long manufacturing process. We can personally vouch for the high quality lenses we received when we used them to turn our eyes bright green and we like to think you’ll have a good experience too!

So don’t make us lash you with a whip from the Hidden Leaf Village! With our unlimited selection of contacts and lenses, we have something for everyone! There are many different kinds of Sharingan lenses that make it so your eyelids look like you have a copycat sharingan in front of your real eyes. These high-quality lashes are guaranteed to turn heads and get attention.