If you’re searching for natural colored contacts, look no further than this awesome-looking range of deep chocolate brown color contact lenses. From fun and romantic costumes to your everyday look, we have vibrant and simple contact lens options that will help you achieve the look you’re going for.

We at WantLens believe that everybody deserves to be happy with their appearance. That’s why we stock a fantastic variety of cosmetic color contact lenses that allow you to change your natural eye color instantly in an instant. From blue or green to brown in an instant is not only something you can do with our brown colored contacts but also changing your natural brown eyes to a lighter shade say for example, hazel or even funky design such as the cat eye style.

Brown contact lenses can be worn for a variety of occasions, including costumes and special events. They make the eyes appear more striking and beautiful with their natural-looking brown coloring. Whether you need contacts for an upcoming costume party, like one of our famous Party Contact Lenses , or simply want to give your look a new twist by wearing them on a regular basis, we have several affordable options that will work great!

These Brown contact lenses are perfect for anyone looking for a quick eye color change. They are incredibly easy to put in – taking just a moment – and creating the look you want without any hassle.

There are many different types of contact lenses available, ranging from 24-hour disposable to yearly disposables. All of these contact lenses change your eye color dramatically right away, so you can have lots of fun with them. Some are even made to mimic the iris color of your favorite animal or personality/character. There are so many options out there for cat-eye lenses, crazy floral shapes, Halloween designs, bright colors – anything you could imagine!

It’s difficult to decide which brown contact lenses to get. The duration of contact lens you get is contingent on how often you are going to wear them versus how much time you are willing to spend cleaning and maintaining them. The benefit of a one day lens is that you can simply use it once, throw it out, and not have to bother cleaning/storing it again. This could be especially helpful for those who plan to use their Cosplay lenses at conventions or any time they are busy running around throughout an event!

This may sound obvious, but you should always wash your hands before handling your contact lenses and leave them your lens case on the counter for a good portion of the day so they can properly dry.


If you’re looking to accentuate your look with subtle, natural eye color, this range of single tone brown contacts is the perfect option for you. With their earthy, warming tones, these contacts can transform your eyes into gorgeous chocolatey brown pools.

These brown lenses are made to emulate the natural iris color of your eyes. Staying true to real life gradient shading, these lenses bring subtle enhancement to the natural contours on your eye at the same time as presenting an even overall appearance.

The two color lenses come in a variety of colors and many of these colors feature an ‘outer ring’ around the iris. This outer ring is what is known as the limbal ring, and it’s contrast to your natural eye color can help to give you that allure that comes with the natural shade of the eye.

However, your choices don’t end there. If you’d like something a little adventurous and more daring, be sure to check out our complete brown contact lens collection! Whether you like light brown contacts or deep chocolate ones, browse our brown contact lens section for more inspiration. If you prefer something more cheerful and bright then we suggest heading over to our hazel section for all of your honey-colored contact needs.

Some of our most popular styles are dark brown contact lenses. Brown eyes are as stunning as they come, and can make your eyes appear larger if you want them to! This rich color is sure to enchant those around you.

In contrast to Tri Tone Lenses that utilize a combination of colors to bring out the most vibrant hue in a natural iris, these lenses feature shading towards the pupil as well as a darker limbal ring. This effect is bound to have people staring deeply into your eyes. These eye color contact lenses are perfect for those looking to completely change their eye color as well as those wanting to enhance their natural brown eyes with brown contacts non-prescription.

Despite the fact that a majority of people have a brown eye color, there are ways one can experiment with adjusting their look. For example, if you want to change your wardrobe or makeup to look for something that might bring out lighter shades. Or if you wanted to try lenses that would match an Anime or movie character famous for having the same eye color as you. Brown eyes are common throughout the world but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy it!

We also have other sections like yellow contact lenses, silver contact lenses, and white contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!


If you want to upgrade your eyes from your natural hue to a bright hazel but have been turned off from all the boring conventional brown contacts out there, then take a look at the endless selection of colorful cosmetic contact lenses with a hazel tone that we carry here at Crazy Contacts. If you love taking interesting pictures of yourself and have longed to transform the color of your eyes for a more intriguing effect, then it’s time to find out why people rave about their hazel colored contact lenses as being one of the most fun ways to go about updating your eyes with a cooler toned look!

It is strong pigmentation in our colored contacts that makes it possible for every shade of colored contact to cover nearly every shade of eye color. If you’re looking for brown contact lenses for black eyes, then you can shop with confidence here on the WantLens website because we have so many shades to choose from!

Choosing the correct contact lenses for your brown eyes can be a bit of a challenge. Not only are there over 30 different kinds over the Internet, but they also come in several shapes and sizes. As you’ll notice, not all lenses are available in all of the shops. If you have more of an Asian shaped eye, then you’re probably looking at getting made-to-measure lenses with Rx already in them.

Worried our contact lenses won’t cover your natural eye color? While we can assure you our lenses are all made with high quality pigmentation, there are several options that have transparent sections as they are designed to enhance your natural eye color rather than completely change it. Check out our blog section specifically dedicated to finding you the best contact lenses for your color. Here, you’ll learn about different types of contact lenses for dark eyes with full coverage, as well as tips and tricks on how to wear them!

If you’re looking to begin buying cheap colored contact lenses online, we recommend heading on over to WantLens and beginning your ordering experience. Depending on whether or not you’ve worn contacts in the past, we also encourage that you check out our blog and website for useful hints and advice about wearing and using your new contact lenses, as well as other important details. If you ever have any worries while using your new colored contacts, make sure to consult your eye physician for expert opinions!

Once you know that your eyes are suitable for wearing colored contacts, it’s time to have fun choosing your perfect design. Colored contacts provide a great way to bring out the fun side of an outfit. To take your look from everyday wear to party-ready, just slip a pair of colored lenses into those peepers and choose a new color scheme. You can even match your contacts with your brand-new makeup or experiment with some totally new outfits! Changing out that regular ol’ eye color has never been so much fun!

Get brown contacts from WantLens! The best quality, the best prices and the biggest selection. Choose from a vast library of tones, styles and durations – show off your unique eye color this season!