One fun accessory to consider adding to your costume this Halloween is a pair of blind contact lenses. These lenses cover both of your eyes and make you look like you’re as scary as a zombie! They are available in many sizes, but we’ve made them easy-to-wear by offering the largest range – from 001 to 888. So with our after-purchase options, you can either request for larger or smaller ones that fit your eyes perfectly.

For a cheap and easy Halloween costume, buy blind contact lenses! We have a fantastic range of no pupil contacts to make your character look even scarier than ever before. Our range includes some wonderfully weird styles like zombie eyes and demon red contacts so the possibilities are endless.

If you’re going for a more realistic look with your cosplay outfit, these contacts are sure to wow! With the ability to bring out or smother the color of eye color while still allowing you to see through them in the traditional way with plenty of light, this style is ideal if you want something different than what you’ve seen before.

We also have other sections like horror contact lenses, colored contact non prescription , and white prescription  contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!

Look the Part with Colored Blind Lenses

Looking for blind contact lenses? We’ve got plenty of colors to choose from all featuring a dead-eyed look, the perfect creepy costume accessory!

Horror Contact lenses . They’re a totally unnatural look that will get people talking. How often are you going to see an opaque blind eye effect? Make your eyes stand out from the crowd with these novelty contacts!

Zombie Contact Lenses – love everything about The Walking Dead? Want to show off your love for everything apocalyptic? Then make sure that you bag yourself some blind lenses to complete your undead transformation. Zombie contact lenses are an excellent choice for people who want to create a truly horrible zombie look together with any scary costume, whether it’s for Halloween or something more extreme for Burning Man!

Monster Contact Lenses – If you’re dressing up as a Frankenstein monster, carry around a white cane to complete the look! Making your Halloween costume seem even more realistic is easy with these green contact lenses. Make your costume look virtually impossible to beat with these freaky lenses. It’s so fun being evil!

Blackout blind sclera contact lenses are always a popular choice. Going for a dark circle look with a great deal more impact, these wonderful eye covers are certain to revolutionize any costume the user dons once they add them in to their eye wear arsenal! These super-sleek and magnificently designed contacts finishes of black throughout would add that much-needed level of awesome ferocity when switching up your usual eye make-up when creating that oh-so daring of looks due to their downright scary incorporation into any outfit or outfit theme out there.

When a black contact lens isn’t what you’re looking for, might we suggest our full whites? The white sclera colored contacts are almost always at the top of our customers’ wish list. With so many different iris colors out there to choose from, it’s a surprise that eye colors in this exciting shade aren’t commonly worn more often. While shades like hazel, blue and green are slowly entering the mainstream fashion scene, something about seeing a pair of these all white contacts help draw even further attention to your eyes. Make sure you snag your own pair before they’re gone!

The pigments in our colored contacts provide a bold solid color that completely covers your natural eye color, no matter what its shade is. Because each lens comes packaged separately (rather than as part of a set) you have the option as to which ones to use. If you choose to wear them on top of your existing eye color then you’ll benefit from a stronger, more vibrant and more dynamic outline.


Have you ever thought to yourself, “How do I want to look like tonight?” If so, remember that if you’re trying to pull off a costume with a grand appearance, it’s important to try out some unique options for your eyes. If a more dramatic approach comes naturally to you and meets the attire you’re going for maybe even an extra flair of color can help make things pop on Halloween (or just every day too!).

These lenses sit over the pupil as well as the iris, our customers should count them as no vision contact lenses. Due to the lack of vision and overall foggy-ness of such a lens, we do not recommend you drive or operate machinery during use! No vision contacts can often make it difficult to navigate from A to B, so plan your look before you head out to a party or a big Halloween bash!

If you need an extra hand and want to ensure the best results, work with people who have a proven track record of success. Searching for some affordable jeweled contact lens? Check out our decorated eye gems line for something that’s both beautiful and easy to wear on a regular basis, featuring styles like flecks or netting.

By all means, search for cheap contacts online as this is the most convenient way of doing so. But make sure that you’re purchasing a trusted brand from a retailer that you can rely on. We know we carry good selection to be reckoned with because our main focus at is vision solutions for the blind and visually impaired community.