Welcome to our unique collection of Blind Contact Lenses! Designed to create a striking and mysterious appearance, these lenses are perfect for special occasions, Halloween, cosplay, and theatrical performances. Our high-quality blind lenses provide a full whiteout or blackout effect, covering the entire iris and pupil, making your eyes look completely blank and giving you an eerie, otherworldly look.

Our blind contact lenses are crafted from safe, durable materials, ensuring both comfort and dramatic visual impact. They are ideal for creating a ghostly or supernatural appearance, enhancing your costume, or simply experimenting with a bold new look. Whether you’re aiming for a hauntingly beautiful effect or a spine-chilling transformation, our collection has the perfect lenses to help you achieve your desired appearance.

Experience the captivating and intense effect that blind contact lenses bring to your look. Perfect for adding a touch of horror or creating an unforgettable visual impact, our collection has something for everyone looking to make a statement.

One fun accessory to consider adding to your costume this Halloween is a pair of blind contact lenses. These lenses cover both of your eyes and make you look like you’re as scary as a zombie! So with our after-purchase options, you can either request for larger or smaller ones that fit your eyes perfectly.

For a cheap and easy Halloween costume, buy blind contact lenses! We have a fantastic range of no pupil contacts to make your character look even scarier than ever before. Our range includes some wonderfully weird styles like zombie eyes and demon red contacts so the possibilities are endless.

If you’re going for a more realistic look with your cosplay outfit, these contacts are sure to wow! With the ability to bring out or smother the color of eye color while still allowing you to see through them in the traditional way with plenty of light, this style is ideal if you want something different than what you’ve seen before.

We also have other sections like horror contact lenses, colored contact non prescription , and white prescription  contact lenses that can match your outfit, don’t forget to check these out!

Looking for blind contact lenses? We’ve got plenty of colors to choose from all featuring a dead-eyed look, the perfect creepy costume accessory!

Horror Contact lenses . They’re a totally unnatural look that will get people talking. How often are you going to see an opaque blind eye effect? Make your eyes stand out from the crowd with these novelty contacts!

Zombie Contact Lenses – love everything about The Walking Dead? Want to show off your love for everything apocalyptic? Then make sure that you bag yourself some blind lenses to complete your undead transformation. Zombie contact lenses are an excellent choice for people who want to create a truly horrible zombie look together with any scary costume, whether it’s for Halloween or something more extreme for Burning Man!